Botanica Is A Beautiful Flower-themed Tarot Deck With Illustrations By Kevin Jay Stanton

I am not a fan of tarot cards. Putting aside believability, the design on a traditional tarot deck is, well, rather creepy. No matter how you look at those images, they are just ominous. I mean, what’s up with the image of man’s pieced by a bunch of swords. Thankfully, though, not all tarot deck […]

We Got Trippy Looking At This Awesome, Surrealistic Cats And Dogs Space Journey Calendar

I got a little trippy looking at 2020 Cats+Dogs Space Journey Calendar by Brazilian graphic designer Otavio Santiago. It does not help especially after I, coincidentally, re-watched the entire season 1 of Rick and Morty.

Avengers: Endgame Characters In Medieval Japanese Ukiyo-e Style Art

You have seen Pokémon interpreted in ancient Japanese art of Ukiyo-e. You have seen what Batman might look like as a medieval Japan ninja. Now, see what Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame key characters will look like if they existed in medieval Japan. Being a fan of the Marvel franchise, Japanese illustrator Takumi Toxin decided to commemorate […]

Artist Imagines War Machines If WWII Continued Through To The 50s

War sucks. War is no good. Regardless, I am fascinated by war machines that were the direct results of conflicts. I bet Poland concept artist Michal Kus must have shared the same fascination. The difference is, he has the knack for imagination AND translating them into beautiful art. Kus imagine what happens if the second […]

No Kidding. Did Old Navy Really Ripped Off Somebody’s Artworks?

Something interesting popped this week which I never thought could have happen. At least not when it involved one of America’s biggest brand: Old Navy (which, for the uninitiated, is a Gap Inc. brand). It has nothing to do with tech nor lifestyle, but I felt compelled to share because, it could be a classic […]

These Amazing Illustration Of Spaceships Are Actually Inspired By Everyday Household Objects

It takes a true artist to imagine something out of nothing. Eric Geusz is one such artist. A software engineer by day and a freelance artist by night (or, I am guess, whenever he have time), Eric has created some of the most impressive sci-fi spaceships with nothing more than inspiration from everyday, household objects […]

Extremely Dirty Vehicles Are Canvases For This Talented Artist

You know what separate artists with the talent to adapt from other ‘regular’ artists? It would be the ability to improvise and turn out amazing illustrations in situ. No paints, no brushes, no nothing, and such is what Moscow-based artist and illustrator Nikita Golubev AKA ProBoyNick has demonstrated. How? Well, it turns out that extremely […]

Artist Reimagined Pokémon In Ukiyo-e Art And They Look Absolutely Brilliant

We don’t care if the Pokémon fad is in a decline or completely over. Whether a fad or not, you can’t deny that these Pokémon arts interpreted through feudal Japanese art of Ukiyo-e are simply brilliant and fitting because Pokémon is essentially Japanese. Created by Chicago-based artist BG Judkins, the Ukiyo-e Style Pokémon which Judkins […]

1800s Ukiyo-e Illustrates Internal Bodily Functions With Tiny People

Back at the time when human’s knowledge of our inner workings was scarce, folks of the olden days already knew roughly the functions of the various organs and sometime in the Edo period, some Japanese artists who were well versed in Ukiyo-e, or “pictures of floating worlds” (basically wood block prints, a technique for printing […]

This Teacher’s Drawing Skill Is As Good As Pro Illustrators, If Not Better

Don’t you hate it when a teacher tries to illustrate something on the blackboard but ended with nothing but drawings that doesn’t make any sense? It happens… to most teachers, but not in the case of Chuan-Bin Chung. Chung is a science substitute teacher in Taiwan and unlike most teachers, he has the knack for […]