LOTR Van Gogh Style by Veola Nourra

It is normal for people to imagine many what-if scenarios but I am pretty confident that what if Van Gogh painted scenes from Lord of the Rings is not one of them. However, there is always an exception and that exception in this instance is Veola Nourra.

LOTR Van Gogh Style by Veola Nourra

The artist blends the iconic The Starry Night by the Dutch post-impressionist painter with Lord of the Rings. It appears that Nourra has two Van Gogh-style LOTR illustrations.

The first artwork features the Eye of Sauron suspended in the air on top of the Barad-dûr with Mount Doom in the background depicted in The Starry Night style.

We love how the Eye of Sauron is also illustrated in the same swirling style as the rest of the skies. The desolated plains and Mount Doom also borrows the stroke styles of the plains of Van Gogh’s masterpiece from 1889.

The other piece depicts the epic battle of Gandalf and the demonic monster Balrog on the bridge of Khazad-dûm against Van Gogh’s The Starry Night.

LOTR Van Gogh Style by Veola Nourra

The contrast of the orange hues of the flaming monster against the predominantly blue night sky in the latter makes this particular piece stand out.

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The artist does not appear to have any presence on the web and we absolutely have no clue who he or she is. However, Nourra’s The Starry Night-style Eye of Sauron, aptly called Sauron Van Gogh, can be found on the fine art america website where you can buy the wall art of it.

You can also choose to buy the art printed on a variety of merchandise including coffee mugs, t-shirts, beach towels, phone cases, and more. Prices start at US$6.

Unfortunately, the super dope bridge of The Starry Night-infused Khazad-dûm scene is not available to buy. At least, we haven’t found the print being sold anywhere yet.

Images: Veola Noura via Instagram (@tolkien.lovers).