You may remember Mike Slobot for his works on surreal and whimsical figurines. But what you may not know is, this man is an illustrator too. Since 2019, the man has been using 3D printer to create his art and this 3D printing “robot” has inspired him to create an illustration called 3D Printer Robot. 3D Printer Robot is an illustration of one of Mike’s Slobots, but with FDM printer for a head. Pretty cool!

Not going to lie. We were smitten by the artwork when we first lay eyes on it. That’s precisely why it is feature here on this blog. I can’t say we are the biggest art buffs, but man, I bet you will love what you see when you see it. Go ahead and check out. And oh, you can, of course, buy the print too. It is selling for US$42.99 and available from

3D Printer Robot Illustration by Mike Slotbot

All images courtesy of Mike Slobot.

Submitted via TIP US Page.

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