This Orange Juice Bar Uses Discarded Peels To 3D Print Cups For The Orange Juice

You may remember Italian design firm CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati for its Scribit wall-crawling scribbling robot, among the many other pretty mind-blowing stuff. Well, they have made headlines again, this time for a project it has done for global energy exploration company, ENI.

A Host Of New Instant Print Products From Kodak And A 3D Printer

Kodak used to be a household name in photography, but since licensing out its brand, it has spawn a slew of other products to include instant photography, printer (3D printer included), scanner, and believe it or not even drone, audio, eyeglass lenses and lifestyle merch. Seriously, there are a bunch of other non-imaging related products, […]

So Your Kids Want Toys? Well, Let Them Do Some Work And Print It Themselves!

When I was a kid, I had to earn my keep. Meaning, if I want toys, I had to earn through good behavior, good grades, or when I was little older, acquire it myself from the money I had saved from my pocket money. I would think it should not be any different today. However, […]

SparkMaker: A SLA 3D Printer That’s Affordable And Super Easy To Use

I am no 3D printer expert, but I have always the impression that filament-based 3D printers are more affordable than stereolithography (SLA) 3D printer and SLA is usually reserved for industrial use or large design studios. Well, I am not sure if my belief holds any truth today. Oh wait… it looks like it does […]

Kodama Hits Up Kickstarter With Sleek $99 3D Printer Called Obsidian

Are there something that have been stopping you from riding the 3D printing hype? Ah, I see. It must be the price, right? Well, if so, Obsidian from 3D printer maker, Kodama Inc, may just change your mind. But before get into the price, just look at this device. Surely you heard of affordable 3D […]

More Stuff From Polaroid: Smartwatches, Smart TV And More

Rest assure that this blog and these few posts are not sponsored by Polaroid. I wish it was, so we could stop worrying about our finance. Anywho, there are few more products coming from this 80 year old company which serve to further cement that fact that it is here to stay after being revived. […]

Robo R2 Lets You Do Create Large Scale 3D Printing With Mobile Device

3D printing is so common today that you can say 3D printer is a dime a dozen. Accessibility has improved greatly too and now, 3D printer maker, Robo 3D wants to take that accessibility even further with WiFi-enabled Robo R2 smart 3D printer which will let you unleash your creativity right from a mobile device. […]

M3D Pro 3D Printer Is Self-Aware, Can Diagnose And Rectifying Issues

Buying a 3D printer and start using it is no big deal today, but while it is working for you, would you know what’s happening under the hood? Like, is it overheating, or the alignment is out? You probably won’t unless you have superhuman eyes and/or you sit right next the entire time while it […]

Metal Delta 3D Printer: All Metal, Large Volume, And Seriously Affordable

We don’t use 3D printers a lot, but we could imagine two things: first, shipping is hell of a cost and second, being preassembled means you know nothing of its inner workings apart from what’s laid out in the user’s manual. Of course, that’s just us. Some people are completely undaunted by cost and also, […]

With Renegade 3D Pen, Used Plastic Bottles Are The Filaments

Don’t discard your empty Sprite or Coca-Cola bottle just yet because it could be the material for your next 3D printing project. How so, you ask? Well, all thanks to a new innovative 3D pen, Renegade. Renegade 3D Pen is designed with a screw-feeder mechanism and powerful heating system that enables it melt down the […]