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Illustrator Imagines Iconic Star Wars Characters As Insects

Imagine the world of Star Wars being played out by insects (think: Antz). Can you visualized how it would be? Well, you don’t have too. Just take a look at Richard Wilkinson’s works. The illustrator has created a series of realistic insects decorated to look like iconic characters from the Star Wars Universe. Some of them are highly recognizable, like the fly that is actually Darth Vader, while some took a while to register (Wasp Stormtrooper and bug Sand Crawler for examples). Continue reading Illustrator Imagines Iconic Star Wars Characters As Insects

Fantastic Beasts Chinese Posters Made Fantastic Beasts Even More Mythical

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a fantasy movie that’s, well, mystical. Ancient art, particularly, Asian ancient art, is kind of mystical too. So, marrying the two together seems like a logical thing to do and that, folks, was what Chinese artist Zhang Chun did. His series of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Chinese movie posters were designed in classic painting technique known as gongbi art style which dated as far back as the 16th century (Yuan and Ming Dynasty). Like the Pokémon creatures reimagined in ancient Japanese Ukiyo-e we saw last month, Zhang’s iterations seem like, how do you say? Right at home? Yeah, something like that. Continue reading Fantastic Beasts Chinese Posters Made Fantastic Beasts Even More Mythical

These Doctor Strange Tribute Posters Are Freaking Awesome!

The much anticipated next Marvel superhero flick Doctor Strange will hit the theaters early next month and as Marvel Entertainment ramps up the marketing effort, art agency Poster Posse has came out with its own tribute to the big screen Doctor Strange through a series of mesmerizing posters and artworks. The posters are introduced in phases: phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3 over the weeks, and finally concluding with a super adorable Cubefold version of the superhero Doctor created by Cubefold creator, Calvin Lin. Continue reading These Doctor Strange Tribute Posters Are Freaking Awesome!

Matt Ferguson’s Star Wars Posters Turn Classic Into Classy

We hate to bombard you with more than one Star Wars (and related) news, but this one here has to be mentioned because something is going happen and it is starting in a few hours time. The thing that is going happen is, Matt Ferguson’s iteration of the Star Wars posters. So what so great about Matt’s works? One sentence: he turned classic into classy. Star Wars fans would have seen their fair share of Star Wars posters, but never one has this simple and clean, and yet still so recognizable. I am sure you will agree with us, whether as a Star Wars fan or as a person who appreciate poster art, or art in general. And make no mistakes; these are officially license series of posters. Continue reading Matt Ferguson’s Star Wars Posters Turn Classic Into Classy

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Theatrical Poster, Official Trailer and Pre-sale Tickets

Two months. That’s how long to the most anticipated movie of the year, well, at least for fans of Star Wars. At this point, it won’t be a surprise to the see the theatrical poster, which Lucasfilm has officially unveiled yesterday. But that’s not all. The Disney-own film studio has more news that will set the Star Wars fever in motion. But first, a little something about the poster. In the tradition since Episode I, the latest Star Wars instalment’s poster also plays on the lighting, but unlike Episode I-III’s theatrical posters, where it weighted heavily on the dark side with its orange/red mood, Star Wars: The Force Awakens theatrical poster showcases an awakening of the dark side and the light. Overall, it looks a lot less gloomy. Have a look after the post. Continue reading Star Wars: The Force Awakens Theatrical Poster, Official Trailer and Pre-sale Tickets

SpaceX Makes the Prospect of Space Travel Even More Alluring with These Retro Mars Tourism Posters

We love sci-fi. We are fascinated by space and thrilled by the prospect of travelling to Mars someday and we love art. And so, it is only natural that we fell right in love with SpaceX Mars Tourism Posters. And they are not just any posters. That exciting prospect is pitched in 100 percent retro flair – like something you will see in the sci-fi movies of the 60s which incidentally, was the height of the space race. Anyways, it will be quite a while before travelling or colonizing the Red Planet is even possible and even so, we are undaunted and wonder what it will be like to be zipping up to the summit of Olympus Mons in pod-like cable cars and imagine the exhilaration of getting to the camping ground within Valles Marineris in a jetpack. And how about that space-age cruise aboard the Moons of Mars? That sounds pretty intriguing too. Continue reading SpaceX Makes the Prospect of Space Travel Even More Alluring with These Retro Mars Tourism Posters

The Intergalactic Travel Bureau Tour

although space travel is about to become a reality, it is still way beyond the reach of regular folks and besides, that space travel which we talked about, such as those offered by Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic and Elon Musk’s SpaceX, will only get it to as far as 6.2 miles above the Kármán line, a widely accepted boundary between the atmosphere and space, which is a little short of our imagination that stretches to Mars or even Saturn. granted planet hopping will probably not happen in our lifetime due to the insane traveling time, but we can always imagine ourselves doing so and that is the whole idea behind The Intergalactic Travel Bureau Tour. Continue reading The Intergalactic Travel Bureau Tour

X Ray Guns Prints [Poster]

well, the X Ray Guns Prints are not actually firearms that had undergone X-Ray, but are guns that were put through special CT scan process as perfected by Houston Hardin, a doctor (a real medical doctor, btw) who simply loves firearms. it all started when he had a gun component shipped to his office. a pair of curious workers who knew his passion for firearms, decided to “take a peek” of what was inside without opening the package and that was when the lightbulb lit, and the rest, as they says, was history. these prints let firearm lovers take a peek into the inner workings of the guns which they rarely think about. Continue reading X Ray Guns Prints [Poster]

Cars and Films Prints [Poster]

in some way, cars in movies are as iconic as the movie itself. there is this connection that’s quite mysterious and magical like if you see a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor cruising past, you’d be reminded about the Ecto-1 and if you see a Lotus Esprit you think of James Bond, so on and so forth. this unique relation between the movies and the cars prompted Spain-based artist Jesús Prudencio to create a series of illustrated A3-size color posters showcasing the iconic cars of some of the most iconic movies in the silverscreen history. yes. cars are the stars of these posters because we couldn’t care less if Dan Aykroyd or Rowan Atkinson has a part or not. the collection includes The Ecto-1 from the Ghostbusters, DeNiro’s taxi from Taxi Driver, the Mini that Mr. Bean drives, Doc Brown‘s Delorean from Back to the Future, and the 1971 Chevrolet Nova from Death Proof, just to name a few. Continue reading Cars and Films Prints [Poster]

The Greatest Band Ever Print [Poster]

calling all rock music lover. open before us is a rare opportunity to vote for your all-time favorite band and see how they pit against other bands in a printed infographic poster for real. this is not a dream, well, it will be a dream if these dudes don’t get your support via the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. The Greatest Band Ever Print by The Night Shift Design Cooperative is an attempt to pull rock music lovers together and have them cast their votes to determine which is the greatest band ever. voting will commence once the project is funded, after which the result will be aggregated, and translates into a 4-color infographic like the one you see above and printed on thick Grout Gray paper from the French Paper Company. Continue reading The Greatest Band Ever Print [Poster]