If you love Slobot, AKA Robot Art, and happen to be particularly enamored by the original movie adaption of the 1964 Roald Dahl novel, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971, Paramount Pictures), then this new piece from Slobot artist Mike Slobot may interest you. Mike Slobot, who is a self-declared Willy Wonka of his Slobot universe, created a robot character inspired by the Ooompa Loompas from the movie which he named Slonkabot 1000-5YL. But this Ooompa Loompas has no love for cocoa beans and it does not make make chocolate; it “work” at Mike’s Slobot Factory churning out robots instead.

Slonkabot 1000-5YL Robot Art Figure

The Slonkabot 1000-5YL is the first of the Slonkabots, but this particular piece being the second instance of the character. Mike Slobot’s image of Slonkabot 1000 was applied onto an 8-inch KAWS Companion figure, giving it the Ooompa Loompas’ colors. Interestingly, what used to be bones jutting out of KAWS Companion’s head now looks like the green hair of Ooompa Loompas. The future is further modified with giving a lone, big glow in the dark eye and glow wires that almost make it look like somewhat cyberpunk-ish. Finally, a label, reminisce that of a golden ticket which is a key element in the fantasy story, is added to the Slonkabot 1000-5YL to complete the package.

Mike Slobot is offering up the Slonkabot 1000-5YL to collectors of Robot Art in return for $350. At the time of this writing, it appears that only one is left in stock and so, if you really want one, you ought to act fast. Like really, really, really fast.

All images courtesy of Mike Slobot.

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