Behold, fans of Star Wars, Speeder Bike is totally real! well, kind of. It has no wheels and it certainly need no mirrors to pretend it is hovering. Nor does it needed to be hosed up and only does over water runs. Plus, unlike the Imperial’s floating bike that hovers just a few feet off the ground, this real world “Speeder Bike”, called The Speeder, can make a maximum altitude of 15,000 feet. Wait. Is it still a flying motorcycle at this point? It’s more like an aircraft, innit?

JPA The Speeder Flying Motorcycle

Basically, it is an open top aircraft that when you fall off, it is very likely to be fatal. Just saying… It is also worthy to note, rider, or in this case, pilot, will have supply their own breathing apparatus if he or she wants to get 15,000 feet. Anywho, the company behind it, Jetpack Aviation (JPA), did not specifically refer to it as a ‘flying motorcycle’ and so I guess all’s good. However, this real life Speeder Bike won’t do 310 mph; it does less than half at 150 mph (241 km/h).

And also, you won’t be able to get away from pursuing Scout Troopers for too long, as each tank of gas gets you approximately 22 minutes of flight. The flight time of this 231 lbs (104 kilograms) personal air transport, though, is dependent on the altitude and the weight of the pilot with the latter limited to 250 lbs (113 kilograms). The flight time may not be as impressive as one might hoped, but at least you can go up above the trees of Endor to get your pursuers off your back.

As futuristic as this flying motorcycle may sound, it unfortunately does not boast futuristic propulsion. Instead, it is powered by real world turbojet engines. But hey, at least isn’t yet another rotor-powered human-size multicopter which have seen one too many. The Speeder has four of turbojet engines that yield a total 705 lbs (320 kilograms) of thrust. And it has the flexibility to use a variety of fuel, including kerosene, JetA fuel, and diesel.

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Here are other things you need to know about The Speeder:

  • Tilt-to-accelerate flight system with hand controls
  • Two-way aviation radio for communication 12-inch touchscreen for navigation
  • Fly-by-wire control system with self-stabilization

Now for the good news for Richie rich with a thing for big boy toys. JPA is accepting pre-order for this $380,000 recreational version of the jet-powered flying motorcycle which price includes a flight suit and a helmet. You are down, you can secure a unit by putting a $10k deposit. The recreational version (also known as personal version), which has a planned 20 units run, is the first of the few versions JPA has in the pipeline. While the recreational model requires a recreational pilot license or sports pilot’s license to fly, JPA will eventually have an ultralight model which requires no FAA license to operate.

In addition, a 5 turbojet engines model for military/commercial use and can be operated remotely will also be introduced in future. Potential risks aside, The Speeder is a good start to the rather mundane multicopter personal air transport we have seen so far. Now, let’s see if ion engine could be the next propulsion for such air vehicles. Skip ahead for The Speeder intro video.

Images: Jetpack Aviation.

Source: Digital Trends.

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