Star Wars Speed Bike Jetovator Battle in Real Life

Guess what? The Speeder Bike featured in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi exists! Yes! Here on Earth! Ok, we all know that a Speeder Bike is scientifically not possible with today’s technology, but thanks to the water-powered Jetovator we saw four years ago, it is sort of a reality now and thus, allowing Devin Supertramp and his team to recreate the Speeder Bike chase scene fairly accurately – except that, this entire ‘remake’, or real-life Speeder Bike battle, have to be played out over a river because, Jetovator. Hmmm, I don’t recall Endor has any river at all.

Star Wars Speed Bike Jetovator Battle in Real Life
Nope. No forest here…

Anyways, it is an excellent effort and also, good job in dressing up the Jetovator with the Speeder Bike prop. Overall, it was as exciting to watch as the original movie, made more thrilling by the fact that the entire thing was shot without major CGI.

Here’s the video that no self-professed Star Wars fan should miss:

And here’s the original chase scene for your comparison…

Images: screenshot from YouTube video.

via Geekologie