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before our dream of speeding through the air on a speeder bike like the one featured in Star Wars flick becomes a reality, we have to be content with the Jetovator, a wheel-less bike-like vehicle propelled by water similar to those of the Jetlev and Zapata Racing Flyboard. instead of having a jetpack strapped to your back or jet boots, to your legs, this one let you ride it like a bike. following the driving concept behind the Jetlev and Zapata Racing Flyboard, the Jetovator is tethered by a 50 feet water hose to a watercraft that provides the Jetovator with the water propulsion necessary for tearing over the surface of the water at speeds up to 40 km/h (25 mph), soar up to 9 meters (30 feet) into the sky, and diving down 3 meters (10 feet) into the water. the latter is one added selling point of this machine, which cost a princely sum of almost $9,000 to own and that’s just the machine alone without the watercraft necessary for the fun. despite being tethered, it is still totally capable of fighter jet-like stuns like barrel-rolls and back flips, though movements are restricted to within 50 feet of the powering watercraft. while you might not get the full freedom of movement as much as you would have liked, it shouldn’t be a biggie if the pilot of your watercraft goes along with you. on the bright side of things, you get to experience what mankind has yearned for since the beginning of time and hopefully, it will inspire the Einstein in you to eventually come up with an untethered solution. until then, Jetovator (and the other water-propelled contraptions) is the risk-free way to experience science friction way of soaring the sky. check out a video of the Jetovator in action after the break.

via Gizmodo

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