Amphi Powered Bionic Monofin Pushes You Through Underwater, Handsfree

Here’s a very interesting product, called Amphi, for those who love hitting up the sea. Amphi is a monofin with a built-in thruster that helps to power you through the water. It is not those electric bodyboard or anything like that. It is feet-worn and function much like the pedal assist bicycle, except that Amphi […]

Here’s A Leisure Electric Bodyboard From China’s FZBlue

Here are a pair of bodyboards which you may have not heard of from China’s “water entertainment products, marine rescue facilities and unmanned waterborne systems” maker, FZBlue. The first is called AEF Electric Bodyboard a bodyboard style, electrically-powered flotation device for leisure and the second, called UEF, is the lifesaver variant of the first.

Tesla Wants To Sell You A Surfboard As Sleek As Tesla Cars For $1,500

Joining Tesla growing portfolio of lifestyle products that include the likes of die cast collectibles, hats, power bank, and Tesla Model S for Kids is this minimal and sleek surfboard called Limited Edition Tesla Surfboard. Obviously, a car maker known nuts about making a surfboard and even if it knows anything at all, Tesla and […]

James Bond Probably Has Some Use For This Suit-like Wetsuit

Remember how in some James Bond movies, our dear everybody-knows-who-he-is, not-so-secret, secret agent emerged from the sea and swiftly swapped into a tuxedo suitable for ‘infiltrating’ a high society party? Well, If only dear Mr. Bond had Trompe L’Oeil Technical Wetsuit by Thom Browne, he wouldn’t even need a change. He can just step out […]

Intex’s New Inflatable Bull Lets You Do Rodeo On Water, Friends Not Included

Mechanical bull is fun. It challenges one’s strength and sense of balance on an unpredictable mechanical animal without actually abusing the animal and since it isn’t a real bull, you won’t risk being trample to death. Though it could be dangerous if one’s not careful enough and being a person of caution, you probably want […]

SipaBoards Air Standup Paddleboard Self-inflates In 5 Minutes

Standup paddleboard is one way to enjoy the beauty of a tranquil lake, but getting the board from home to your local lake is not easiest task, let alone bringing it overseas. However, creative homo sapiens have made it easier by going the inflatable route but then, there’s the strenuous pumping to do that will […]

MasterCraft X23 Makes Wave, Lets You Surf Even on Calm Lakes

Not everyone is lucky enough to have access to seasides with crashing waves and not everyone who is lucky enough to own a boat stays near the sea where there are bountiful of waves to get your surfing fix. But you don’t need to resign to fate if calm water is the only waterbody you […]

You Don’t Need Waves to Surf with Onean Electric Surfboard

Love surfing, but lack of the access to seaside without driving a day or two? Well, fret not, with the this electric surfboard from Basque Country firm, Onean, you can surf as long as there’s a waterbody large enough for you to do so. While this may not go well with purists, you can’t deny […]

SipaBoards: The World’s First Self-inflating, Electric Jet Propelled Standup Paddleboard

Despite its thrill-eschewing nature, paddle boarding still requires some practice to get it going. Well, I mean, if you want to enjoy the scenery more than fighting to steer or get the balance, you will need to have some basic skills. While it is not exceedingly difficult to pick up, it is always good to […]

Travel: Dive Down to 40 Meters in Body-friendly Temperature Water at the World’s Deepest Pool

if you always have this dream of diving deep, but have this uncontrollable fear of the wild ocean (we totally understand why), then here’s a good news for you. you can now scuba or free dive down to 40 meters (about 131 feet) deep, knowing you are safe from the natural (and sometime ferocious) inhabitants […]