Deep Dive Dubai The World’s Deepest Pool

Even wanted to make deep water diving, but absolutely paranoia about sharks (thanks, Spielberg!). Well, there is actually a place on Earth that you can do so without becoming a mistaken lunch of the Great Whites. It is called Deep Dive Dubai.

Deep Dive Dubai The World’s Deepest Pool

Deep Dive Dubai joins the many world’s first for Dubai, including the world’s first sail-thru supermarket and the world’s first police department to deploy hoverbike, as the world’s deepest pool.

Makes sense. The region already held the title of the tallest and it is only right that has the deepest end covered too.

Deep Dive Dubai The World’s Deepest Pool

The world’s deepest pool is a breathtaking 196 feet (60 meters). Deep Dive Dubai’s dive pool is not just a pool that is deep. At 60 meters, it is 20 meters deeper than Italy’s world’s deepest pool.

There are a lot things to be discovered in this underwater city-themed circular concrete structure filled with 14 million liters of fresh water for, you know, a unique and authentic diving experience.

Built into the pool are “abandoned” library, city apartments, an arcade complete with arcade machines and Foosball table, and more for divers to explore.

Deep Dive Dubai The World’s Deepest Pool

The pool’s water is filtered every six hours and within the 60-meter deep water world, it has 56 cameras to monitor safety of the divers.

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In case you are wondering… the “world’s deepest pool” title isn’t a self-proclaimed title; Deep Dive Dubai is officially logged as the Deepest Swimming Pool for Diving by Guinness World Records.

Deep Dive Dubai The World’s Deepest Pool

This being a facility built in Dubai, you can be assured it has nothing less than the best – including a water temperature maintained at 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) for comfortable water experience whether you are in wet suit or swimsuit.

Deep Dive Dubai is open by invitation for now, but it will throw its doors open to the public later this year. Meanwhile, you are welcome to learn more about this new man-made diving spot HERE.

Images: Deep Dive Dubai.