Hong Kong’s Uber Lavish Toilet Has 334.68 Carats Of Diamonds, Worth Over $1.2M

The last thing one expect to see in China is capitalist decadence like, say, a golden toilet embellished with 40,815 diamonds on the toilet seat that is reportedly worth “over $1.2 million.”

Toyota AI Basketball Robot Set World Record For Consecutive Free Throws

These days, anything can be logged as a world record, including basketball free-throwing by an AI basketball robot. Before we get to the story, pro basketball players can rest easy because, Toyota CUE3 AI basketball robot only knows how to aim at the hoop. It is not about to takeover the sport, yet. Though so, […]

Assembly Of LEGO Star Wars Minifigs And LEGO The Rise Of Skywalker

You saw the exciting teaser trailer of Star Wars: Episode 9 – The Rise of Skywalker and now see the awesome scene of Rey back flipping over what appeared to be Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer from the trailer recreated in LEGO. The image was created by Twitter user and toy photographer, Hue Hughes (@HueHughes), and […]

World’s Largest Video Game Collection Belongs To This Dude

I will never wrap my head around why anyone would collect video games, but here it is, Texan Antonio Romero Monteiro, an avid video game enthusiast, who recently got recognized by Guinness World Records for the Largest Video Game Collection. And the number of video games he have in his possession? A whopping 20,139. Holy… […]

Drinking Straw Sculpture Is A Show Of Earth’s Plastic Waste Problem

Our reliance on plastic has caused much distressed to the Earth, particularly the ocean. Well, what can we say? This alarming environment issue is not just about plastics; it is also about how we shitty humans just love dropping trash where they do not belongs. But we are not here about the issue of littering. […]

The Largest LEGO Brick Caravan From Australian Has 300K Bricks

You may remember the Largest Caravan Built with Interlocking Plastic Bricks from a few years ago? Well, as it turns out, that impressive 215,518-brick camper trailer’s record was wiped by another custom LEGO caravan built last year by Australia’s Ben “The Brick Builder” with a caravan built from 288,630 individual bricks. The caravan was a […]

Honor V20 (View20) Bagged Guinness Word Records’ Largest Photo Mosaic

Huawei’s sub-brand, Honor, is really going all the way out to promote its latest Honor V20, AKA Honor View20, smartphone – specifically, the “world’s first” 48 MP camera. The company has recently leveraged on the device’s 48 MP camera to achieve Guinness World Record for The Largest Photo Mosaic (image). The mosaic features 30,000 photos […]

The Craziest Stretched Limo Ever Made Had A Pool And A Helipad

There is a limit to how long a stretched limousine can go for obvious reasons. But that limit has not bothered car customizer Jay Ohrberg from Burbank, California, who in the 80s, created what was known as the world’s longest car called American Dream. Ohrberg’s creation was a monstrosity. So, how long was this American […]

Apparently, Walking Over A Path Laid With LEGO Bricks Is A Thing

LEGO-related world records aren’t new, but this particular LEGO-related Guinness World Records is something quite unthinkable because, it is about walking on a path laid with countless LEGO bricks. Stepping on a couple on accident is enough to bring tears to anyone, let alone intentionally walking over thousands and thousands of LEGO bricks. But yeah, […]

The World’s Largest LEGO Brick Ship Is This 27 Foot Behemoth

If you have not heard, Asia’s luxury cruise liner Dream Cruises is the holder of the Guinness World Records for Largest LEGO Brick Ship. The record was affirmed by Guinness World Records’ adjudicator last November at Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in Hong Kong. The LEGO cruise liner sculpture, which was modeled after the cruise liner’s […]