What you see here is a super tiny humanoid robot. It is not just any tiny humanoid robot; it is the world’s smallest humanoid robot logged with the Guinness World Records. It measures a mere 141 mm, making it tinier than the last record by 11.3 mm. It is so small that its limbs are mostly just servos.

World’s Smallest Humanoid Robot Built Guinness World Records

Just as impressive as the size is the team behind it. It is engineered by a robotics team from Hong Kong’s Diocesan Boys’ School. The brainy team—Aaron, Isaac, Justin, and Ngo—crafted this robotic marvel using CAD for design, custom servo motors for movement, and a mix of acrylic and 3D-printed parts for the body.

Despite its size, the robot can move its arms and legs and is capable of bipedal walking, powered by a lightweight battery and controlled via a mobile app.

World’s Smallest Humanoid Robot Built Guinness World Records

This mini robot isn’t just a record-breaker; it’s designed as a low-cost, rechargeable educational tool for STEAM workshops, aimed at supporting ethnic minorities and low-income families. The team plans to open-source its design and programming, contributing to the promotion of STEAM education globally.

Images: Guinness World Records.

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