Unitree Robotics, known for its advancements in quadruped robots, has announced the development of a humanoid robot, the H1. This move leverages the company’s experience in leg mechanics and drive systems from its quadruped line, potentially giving it an edge in humanoid robotics.

Unitree H1 Humanoid Robot

The H1 stands approximately 71 inches (5’ 9” or 1.8 meters) tall and weighs around 47 kg (103 kg). It features 360 Nm (266 lb-ft) high-torque joint motors and gear trains developed in-house, along with a 3D LiDAR sensor and depth camera in its head that offers a 360° panoramic perception for H1.

The robot’s legs have 5 degrees of freedom (DoF), and its arms have 4 but unlike Tesla Optimum Gen 2, the H1’s hands with flexible digits are still under development.

It is not perfect for sure and it most certainly does not have the same human-like articulations like Tesla Optimus Gen 2 but it does appear to have walking mannerisms closer to that of a human and oh, it can run too. It has a walking speed of more than 1.5 m/s (5 ft/s or 3.4 mph) with the potential of achieving 5 m/s (16 ft/s or 11 mph).

Unitree H1 Humanoid Robot

If the videos were to be believed, I think we are closer to realizing humanoids seen in sci-fi than we think. Though, the clothes – pants included – on the H1 are really not necessary.

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Unitree said that H1 is the most powerful general-purpose humanoid robot in the world. Bold claim. Then again, there aren’t many humanoids being developed.

We are not in I, Robot yet. But judging the progress of Boston Dynamics, Tesla, and now Unitree, I’d say we are not far from it. It felt like Sonny’s arrival was imminent.

No official release date has been set, but Unitree anticipates that the H1 will be commercially available within 3-10 years, priced below US$90,000.

You may learn more about the new Unitree H1 Humanoid Robot HERE.

Images: Unitree.

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