First, an art collective strapped a paintball gun onto a robot dog to demonstrate the dystopian side of robotic tech. Then we heard that somewhere in the world, outside of the United States, someone did the unimaginable: mounting an actual submachine gun on a robot dog and firing it (the gun). And it did not end there (Yikes).

Another Person Strapped a Gun on a Robot Dog

An Australian YouTube channel I did a thing, now in America, has also done it. This time, it should feel even more dystopian than the last because it would be closer to home to most people.

I did a thing and his mate designed and 3D printed a gun mount to be fitted on a borrowed Unitree robot dog. An MP5 submachine gun was attached to the mount and voila! A killing machine fit for a dystopian future. Nah. Just kidding. I did a thing did not do this fun and neither was it a demonstration of a bleak future. It answers the curious question of if an armed robot dog could help neutralize threats in a school shooting scenario.

Another Person Strapped a Gun on a Robot Dog

We shan’t dig deeper. Instead you can have a look at the brief mod process and the final testing in the video after the break.

Images: YouTube (I did a thing).

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