NovoQuad ND-BD003 Handheld Anti-drone System

Since realizing the potential threat of errand or rogue drones, companies new and old have been developing systems that could neutralize this threat before it could do any harm. There have been many ideas, including a kamikaze drone, drone with net, the use of eagles, net-firing bazooka, and a variety of anti-drone guns that look …

Spear Ninox 40 Micro-tactical Drone System: It Can Kill

If you think China’s Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) that is capable of spitting out suicide drones en masse from a Humvee-like vehicle is insane, wait till you hear what Israel’s defense and HLS (that’s homeland security, btw) company Spear did.

Pocket Shot Rapid Fire Kit With Speed Loader: Now You Can Slingshot Faster!

Pocket Shot is the world’s first and only circular slingshot that can also be converted to launch arrows. It is a super cool slingshot with a host of optional accessories that improve the user experience. Speaking of accessories, the good folks at Pocket Shot has just released what could be its most brilliant accessory yet: …

Byrna SD Kinetic and Pepper Launchers: It Looks Like A Gun, But It Is Not

You know the saying “if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck. Then it probably is a duck.” The same cannot be said about the Byrna Kinetic and Pepper Launchers. Byrna Technologies series of Byrna Self Defense (SD) personal security device looks like a gun, shoots like a …

Arcflash Labs GR-1 Anvil Gauss Rifle Is A Handheld Railgun Money Can Buy

The Hacksmith’s small-scale railgun may be clunky, but it did prove that a small-scale railgun is entirely possible. That was three years ago. Fast forward to 2021, one company, Arcflash Labs, LLC, has realized what was essentially a handheld railgun that money can buy.

LEGO-style Block 19 Semi-automatic Glock Pistol Is A Very Bad Idea

While toy makers strive to make toy guns like real guns, some gun maker is making real guns look like toy guns. Needless to say, the latter is not the brightest of ideas. In spite of the obvious, it does not stop one US gun seller from doing so.

This Drone Countermeasure Device Is Possibly The Least Bulky And Sleekest Solution Yet

We have seen quite a number of ways to take offending drone out of the sky. It ranges from using using eagles to anti-drone “missile drone” to shooting nets. But the Paladyne E1000MP Drone-Jamming Pistol by UK-based Drone Defence ought be the sleekest solution.

Believe It Or Not, This Candy Bar Object Is Actually A Two-shot Pistol

This is the PRESSIN, a so-called self-defense firearm developed and made by now-defunct Spanish company Llama Firearms. PRESSIN took the concept of conceal and carry to a whole new meaning. OK. It is more like a covert carry than conceal and carry. And you are damn right that candy bar object IS a pistol.