MEY Interceptor Assault Crossbow

Here’s an innovation in assault crossbow design. For those living under the rocks, an assault crossbow has been a thing for a while now. But the MEY Interceptor Assault Crossbow you see here is unlike anything you may have seen before. It is closer to an assault rifle than a crossbow—thanks to the innovative bottom-mounted magazine load mechanism.

MEY Interceptor Assault Crossbow

The MEY Interceptor Assault Crossbow is designed by none other than Joerg Sprave, the definitive slingshot and crossbow enthusiast and the man behind the pump action crossbow.

The MEY Interceptor Assault Crossbow is highly customizable. The included AR-15 can be mounted at high or low positions. The latter lends the AR-15 style and look to the crossbow. You can even choose to go without the stock and pair it up with a short front for a short snub to recreate the secret agent-style short weapon.

The new Mey Interceptor features an 18-shot interchangeable magazine for 6.3” bolts Training, Hunting, Bodkin, and Warbolt. It further boasts a full flat Picatinny rail that can accommodate a large scope and a real crossbow lock, and it supports quick change of the throwing arm (30-120 pounds).

MEY Interceptor Assault Crossbow

The beauty of the MEY Interceptor Assault Crossbow is, IMHO, the aforementioned bottom-mounted magazine system. This system allows the top to be completely free of obstruction which allows the implementation of the continuous flat Picatinny rail.

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This setup also breaks the traditional magazine-feed crossbow design. It looks even more like a submachine gun like the MP5—especially if the stock is at the low position.

The MEY Interceptor Assault Crossbow powered by Joerg Sprave will sell for US$599 or €418.49 when it becomes available. When exactly it will be available is unclear. Meanwhile, you can check Joerg Sprave’s first take of the crossbow in the video embedded below.

Images: GoGun.