Remember the real working From Dust Till Dawn pump action crossbow? Well, the man behind it, Joerg Sprave, have conceived a new system that, to the joy of crossbow enthusiasts, will be available soon. Made by EK Archery based on the company’s Cobra system, the Cobra RX Adder Tactical Repeating Crossbow is described as the “modernized version of the famous repeating “Chu-ko-nu” crossbow that features a Sprave designed magazine that allows for up to 5 EK proprietary 7.5-inch cabin bolts to be loaded and shot simply by pushing down the lower level.

Cobra RX Adder Repeating Crossbow

Sorry guys, no pump action here. But boy, is this weapon a serious looker. There are reasons why it is called “truly tactical.” Cobra RX Adder Tactical Repeating Crossbow features a few picatinny rails that allows for fitment of Red Dot sight, foregrip or bipod (in addition to an integrated foregrip), and other picatinny rail compatible accessories. Key features are as follows:

• AR15-style adjustable and removable stock
• Quick detachable sling shoulder mount
• Durable string and Limbs of durable compression fiberglass
• Ergonomic textured foregrips
• Integrated string stopper to decelerate string and deadens vibration
• Features Cobra System’s R-Series unique design attributes and safety mechanisms
• Non-removable top-load magazine that holds up to 5 EK carbon bolts
• Magazine retention arm for positive bolt feed and easy loading\
• Red anodized bolt hold down
• Mechanism that prevents cocking with an empty magazine

Cobra RX Adder Repeating Crossbow comes with a 130-pound limb set that enables it to propel EK carbon bolts at speeds of 27 feet per second (82 m/s). It will be available starting in July/August 2019 for €349 (about US$396). The price we heard is true for Germany and it includes the Red Dot, sling, stock, and a special bracket for fitting a laser and a tactical flashlight.

Each Cobra RX Adder Repeating Crossbow will be signed by Joerg Sprave. There are a couple of videos after the break of the prototype (that has a 3D printed magazine) in action.

Images and source: YouTube (The Slingshot Channel).

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