Last week, when I was watching the live stream of the unveiling of Tesla Model Y, I was looking at the cars. Certainly I have no idea to pay attention to Elon Musk. Musk is synonymous with Tesla but, still, I never thought I should bother with how he looked, what was his attire and I most definitely won’t be checking out his kicks. Apparently, I should because, he did intentionally flaunted a pair of custom kicks by DC Custom Sneakers – a pair of Nike that would have hard core Tesla fans swooning all over because, Tesla logo and Elon Musk.

Tesla Jordan 1 Sneakers For Elon Musk

Needless to say, this pair of custom sneakers, referred to as Tesla Jordan 1, had created quite a ripple. Possibly, more than the Tesla Model Y did. According to a report, DM Customs will be rolling out six pairs of the sneakers of the same pair they have made for Elon Musk. That brings us to the good and the bad news. The good news is, DM Customs will be putting them on the market and the bad news is, it cost quite some fortune, commanding a cool $1,500 a pair. Yikes. That’s kind of excessive for a pair of sneakers, don’t you think?

Tesla Jordan 1 Sneakers For Elon Musk

However, if you are diehard fan of Tesla who worship Musk, then I supposed this is a must-have collectible sneakers notwithstanding your spouse’s protest and the fact that it is sucking some amount of your kid’s college fund. As for what the shoe is made of, we shall leave it to the official words to describe it:

“Shoe was reconstructed using fine leather such as Horween leather Shell Cordovan for the toebox, laser cut with the Tesla logo by D-Nice ed metallic leather for swoosh and Tesla logo, black genuine python and black hair on hide.”

Now, I do not know how you can get your hands on a pair. If you so incline, I suggest you watch the video of an Interview by E for Electric’s Alex Guberman with Marco Acosta, the co-founder of DM Customs, who made the shoes. In the video, you can also learn on how the shoes came into existence and DM Customs get it to Musk’s feet.

Images: DM Custom Sneakers.

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