Bandai Spirits Model Kits To Use LIMEX

Here’s a piece of good news for the environment with regards to plastic and toys. Plastic, while versatile, is detrimental to the environment both during the production process and at their end of lifecycle. LEGO has taken steps by introducing plant-based plastic. Now, Bandai Spirits, in collaboration with TBM, is moving in the same direction.

The Bandai subsidiary that makes plastic model kits for adults has revealed that it will be using LIMEX, a plastic substitute material, in some Bandai Spirits plastic model products starting in 2021

Bandai Spirits Model Kits To Use LIMEX
LIMEX pellets.

LIMEX is a composite material made mainly of limestone and polystyrene. By using limestone as the main raw material, the ratio of petroleum-derived plastics in products will be kept below 50% by weight.

It is not only good for the environment, but it should result in plastic models feel more sturdy as LIMEX-based plastic generally have a heavier feel. Plus, they are more paintable.

The first product to use LIMEX will be a plastic model of “Dinosaur” which is expected to hit the markets this year. It will be the world’s first plastic model product.

Bandai Spirits projected that the switch to LIMEX should result in over 5 tons a year of petroleum-based plastic and consequently, reduce CO2 emissions.

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The toy maker also expect to utilize LIMEX in other products, including blister pack, for example, and also expand the collection and recycling system for runners.

LIMEX was developed in Japan by TBM. It is “an inorganic filler dispersion” composite material that contains 50% or more inorganic substances such as calcium carbonate. It can be use as an alternative to plastic and paper. You can learn more about TBM’s LIMEX HERE.

Images: TBM.