This is a concept robotic walking cane called Stride Senze by Singapore-based creative collective, NextofKin (NOK). Instead of a walking cane wielded by the user, the Stride Senze taps on today’s consumer electronics technology to result in what is referred to as an intelligent walking companion. In other words, it is a robot that proactively aids in walking.

Stride Senze Intelligent Walking Companion

The cane’s design is composed of an inverted U main body which ends with a ball-like end that cups a ball base. This ball base is actually a robotic ball-based Samsung Ballie which is a smart robot companion with behavioral learning. It can move independently adapting to the user. For example, when the user is standing up from a seated position, the cane is able to offer extra thrust to get up.

The cane features weight support with self-balancing technology borrowed from existing technology such as the Segway S Pod debuted at CES 2020. Stride Senze is, of course, loaded with sensors. Onboard sensors scan the surroundings to guide the user and alert them of potential hazards.

Stride Senze Intelligent Walking Companion

Moreover, it can also track users’ gait and balance and react accordingly to maintain balance. In short, it proactive aid in walking as opposed to relying on the user’s instinct which may not be as sharp for seniors – which is its target users. Anyhoo, it also can detect sudden movements – courtesy of multi-sensor fall detection and prevention from Essence Group IoT – which may signal a fall and notify social service or family members.

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The device can be used in single support or paired with another unit with connecting piece to form a walker for users who needed more support. The concept of Stride Senze Intelligent Walking Companion was pitched last year by NOK. It is not clear what is the status at this point.

Stride Senze Intelligent Walking Companion
Stride Senze Intelligent Walking Companion

Images: YouTube (NextOfKin Creatives).

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