Samsung Developed Rolling Robot Ballie

We may not have a BB-8 here on Earth, but there’s Samsung Ballie. In many ways, Ballie is similar to BB-8. For starter, it rolls like BB-8 and it is also a life companion to you. But those are where the similarities stop.

Samsung Developed Rolling Robot Ballie
A closer look at this cute (and functionally creepy) rolling robot.

Ballie is tiny. Palm-size, to be precise. And it is probably has more practical applications to the Earthlings than BB-8.

It features on-device artificial intelligence (AI), along with cameras, sensors and whatnot, that lets it function as a fitness assistant and it supposedly understands you, “supports you,” and it is able to react to your needs “to be actively helpful around the house.” It can’t do housework for you, though.

Samsung Developed Rolling Robot Ballie
Hyun-Suk Ki, President and CEO of Consumer Electronics Division, Samsung, presenting Ballie at Age of Experience keynote at CES 2020

I imagine it can serve as a IoT hub for your other robots. It is probably a supervisor or head butler or something. Samsung did not elaborate. One thing we are certain is, it is all about on-device AI that will keep your privacy, private.

That said, we probably can expect this technology to be implemented on other Samsung gadgets and tech products, but I’d say it is unlikely we will be able to take home a Ballie. I could be wrong, but anywho…

All images courtesy of Samsung.