it seems to me everything has a dose of WiFi these days and now even power strip has it too. unbelievable? what you see here is a power strip that has a built-in WiFi developed by Japan...

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it seems to me everything has a dose of WiFi these days and it looks like the power strip of the future will have it too. unbelievable? believe it. what you see here is a power strip developed by Japan firm Ubiquitous that has a built-in WiFi. the WiFi of the iRemoTap [JP], as it is called, enables you to monitor how much electrical energy the connected devices consume via your computer or mobile phone in real time, and that’s not all, you can even switch on or off any of those connected devices remotely.
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users can also pre-set the level of maximum consumption of the connected devices and if the pre-set level is exceeded, iRemoTap will automatically notify you by email or tweet so users can choose to take action if desired. sounds too good to be true? well, not entirely though cos’ the iRemoTap is still in its prototype phase. Ubiquitous will continue to R&D and prototyping with its partners and aims to offer this kind of power strip for a retail price below 10,000 yen (approximately US$122). that said, it means that there’s hope this cool gadget will be available to us in near future.

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not everybody will see the significant of this development, but i think it will definitely keep us ‘on our toes’ and make us more aware of our power consumption habit. additionally, this should also be a welcome news for those who often ask this question: “did i switch off the charger?” or the likes.

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via CrunchGear / DigInfo TV