If You Hate Your Telco, Then You’re Going to Love This WiFi-exclusive Phone Service Called Freewheel

If one) you have been lamenting about the ridiculous charges telco levied on you and two) confident that you will have access to WiFi hotspot throughout the day, then Cablevision’s Freewheel WiFi-exclusive Phone Service may be just be right up your alley. As the service name in implies, it relies on WiFi to carry out […]

EE Buzzard Will Turn Your Car Into a Moving 4G WiFi Hotspot

as long you are in an urban area, connectivity is well within your grasp to keep you connected, but we can’t say the same when you moving in a car. this is what UK-based EE wants to overcome with the Buzzard, a £50 gadget that will turn your car into a moving WiFi hotspot with […]

Ravi Ratan Polished Silver WiFi and 2GB USB Cufflinks

to integrate a key chain as part of the USB flash drive is definitely a no-brainer, and so is having it as a pair of cufflinks. so the Ravi Ratan Polished Silver WiFi and 2GB USB Cufflinks here…