Torras PowerCloud: The World’s First Power Strip With PD Fast Charging Technology?

If you are a person who prefer to have the power strip on your desk, then you are going to love the Torras PowerCloud. Torras PowerCloud is a power strip and a USB hubs rolled into one. And it is not just not any USB hubs. It stakes claim as the world’s power strip with […]

We Are Still Trying To Make Sense Of Why This Power Bank Has Swappable Batteries

What we have here is an example of the convergence of gadgets. The Morph Power Bank is not just any power bank. Sure, it is sleek as hell, but beyond the design is a coming together of a power bank and a power strip.

HuntKey Brings Power Strip With 12 Surge Protected Outlets And 3 USB Ports To The U.S.

What good is a power strip if does not protect the equipment that are plugged to it? This is the rationale behind HuntKey Surge Protected Power Strip which protects not one, not two, but all 12 American standard outlets onboard. 12! TBH, I can’t remember the last time we see a power strip with this […]

Modular Customizable Power Strip Lets You Have What You Need and None You Don’t Need

However pretty a power strip is, it can never get rid of the clutter in your gadget-filled life and today’s need for additional connections such as Ethernet and USB, did not help either. This is a major headache which Munich, Germany-based Casitoo wants to solve with the Modular Customizable Power Strip. The name pretty much […]

TRIX – Power Strip Reinvented. It is Now Totally Portable and Looks Cool Too.

Just when you thought you will be safe in your hotel room, where presumably, power source will be readily available to recharge or power your multiple gadgets, you realized that there’s only one useable power outlet. Sounds familiar? Most people who travelled often would probably nodding their heads in agreement. Instead of calling the front […]

Pivot Power Genius WiFi Power Strip

home automation. who doesn’t want it? but not everybody have the need to control everything. there are times, you just want to turn on or off a light, or fire up the standalone heater before you get home and that’s it. no frill, no complication, just simple flipping the switch from elsewhere.

IsoTek Discovery Series EVO3

if you are a true audiophile, then we suppose sound system is more than what you after and you will be probably bothered as much by those ‘dirty’ electricity that’s coming out of your home’s mains. what you thousand dollars audio system need is a ‘clean’ and uncompromised electrical supply for which the new IsoTek Discovery Series EVO3 Power Products would be able…

Kikkerland Thunderbolt Power Strip

what’s your thought about the design of a typical power strip? as for us, our impression is: an unpleasant-looking, white rectangular strip that gradually turns yellowish over time. no? regardless, we sure think it is. so for style-conscious folks who have an eye for detail, that’s just about the saddest thing could happen and we overcome this life’s little imperfection…