Kikkerland Thunderbolt Power Strip

Kikkerland Thunderbolt Power Strip
Kikkerland Thunderbolt Power Strip | US$19.99 |

what’s your thought about the design of a typical power strip? as for us, our impression is: an unpleasant-looking, white rectangular strip that gradually turns yellowish over time. no? regardless, we sure think it is. so for style-conscious folks who have an eye for detail, that’s just about the saddest thing could happen and we overcome this life’s little imperfection by hiding this ugly but necessary accessory out of sight. well, you don’t really have to do that with this Thunderbolt Power Strip by Kikkerland. instead of the usual rectangular block, it has a shape of a lightning bolt and has a bright, yellow colorway that covers all the way to the cable and plug. a cartoonish or comic take of a power strip? perhaps but certainly an unquestionably novel and refreshing change which cost just $19.99 a pop. oh, while you are at it, you may want to grab yourself a matching Thunderbolt USB Hub for just $15 a piece. also in the bright, yellow hue. scroll down for some larger views.

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