Belkin WeMo Switch + Motion

Belkin WeMo Switch + Motion
Belkin WeMo Switch + Motion | US99.99 |

home automation is a dream since, like forever but it has never become a reality commercially due to a variety of reasons which we suspect the huge cost of implementation is the main culprit. anyway, thanks to the power of modern smartphone and of course, the leaps and bounds of technological advancement, we have now inched closer to making it a reality, well, almost. the Belkin WeMo came as an afterthought as far as home automation is concerned and with it, you can implement a close-to-complete home automation without having to tear up your house apart. call it a plug-and-play home automation implementation if you will because it is that simple. all you have to do is plug your electrical appliance into a WeMo-plugged wall outlet and you can set timer for that appliance or make it do your bidding even when you are miles away from it – all done via your trusty smartphone loaded with a special app.

with the WeMo Switch + Motion package, you can add motion sensing to the mix, turning off lights in empty rooms automatically or turn it back on if it detects someone is within 10 feet of the sensor. it may not sound like the perfect solution to your home automation dream but it is as close as you can get without swiping your account squeaky clean. the WeMo Switch cost $49.99 each, while the WeMo Switch + Motion will set you back at $99.99. still not sure what WeMo is all about? well, then hit the jump for a short intro clip that should help clear the air.

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