there’s no hidden meaning to the Gentleman’s Apron – it is basically, an apron designed for men, but we do need to clarify: it is an apron not for men of the kitchen, but for men that work the bench. it is as useful as it could to any man with the following habits: one – love to keep their work clothes absolutely spotless (not sure about the pants, though), and two – likes to keep their essential tools always within (less than an arm’s) reach (or keeping their work benches neat, depending on how you look at it). made of waxed canvas to stand up to any beating your DIY-ing process could unleash on it (be it oils, water, small debris, or whatever), thereby protecting whatever you are wearing underneath it, and featuring four leather pockets of different sizes, good for anything from measuring tape, calipers, screwdrivers, scrapers, rulers and a small loop for your writing instrument, plus a pair of leather loops to hold a hammer or similar tool. and oh, there’s an adjustable strap to keep the apron nice and fitting to you. so, if you are in for a stylish home improvement time, or whatever you might be executing, then you should seriously check out the Gentleman’s Apron. you can get yours for 73,000 won, which is about US$67, based on today’s going rate. take a few more look in the gallery below.

TRVR via Cool Material

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