no. this is not a tripod pod from the War of the World flick but it is a beautifully crafted, luxe espresso machine dubbed the Jules Espresso Maker by Swiss firm, CB Industries. created by Swiss artist and designer Carlo Borer, this limited edition caffeinated brew maker has a retro-futuristic appearance, thanks to its stainless steel sphere and its tripod legs. further adding to the retro sci-fi effect is the semi-transparent ABS inserts on the legs that illuminate with colors while this alien-like orb is hard at work squeezing the flavor out of your favorite java, keeping you informed of the status of the brew. it may not be immediately noticeable from the image but the top of the sphere is removable which makes perfect sense cos’ you will need to introduce some java and water to it at some point. at its heart is a high-performance Saeco system that draws water from the integrated 1.4-liter water reservoir and its elevated height is no coincidence: it forms a perfect spot for your happy coffee cup for receiving the pipping hot expresso. it is said that only 2,000 units are available – a number that’s probably far less than the fictional Tripods that invaded Earth. naturally, we hope for more Jules and not Tripods but with a 1,300 Swiss Francs (approximately US$1,430) price tag, it probably won’t be swept off the shelves like iPhone 5 or Nexus 4 did. though, deliberation for too long is not recommended for any limited edition objects of desire.

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CB Industries [CH] via Gear Patrol

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