If hanging seriously wrecked car up on a tree did nothing to warn drivers about the danger of speeding, then perhaps Graham will. Wait. Graham, who? Well, Graham is a name of a ‘person’ created by Australia’s Transport Accident Commission (TAC) who have evolved to sustain severe car crashes and as you can imagine, it is not a pretty sight. As a matter of fact, Graham is straight up grotesque and creepy, and he absolutely look like some inbred straight out of a slash gore movie. But that’s the whole idea behind Graham; a kind of ‘shock treatment’ aimed to educate still-ignorant folks on how vulnerable humans are to collisions and hopefully, it will be gross enough to serve as a wake up call and eventually lead to a reduce in car-related deaths and injuries.

Graham - The Only Person To Survive On Our Roads
Graham has no neck to further eliminate the vulnerability

For this campaign, TAC of Melbourne worked with Royal Melbourne Hospital trauma surgeon Christian Kenfield and Australian artist Patricia Piccinini to create a person that supposedly evolved to deal with extreme trauma commonly inflicted in car accidents. The result is horrifying, attributed by a number of unearthly features, including an oversized head to accommodate a bigger and thicker skull that packs more cerebrospinal fluid and ligaments to protect the squishy brain, and the lack of neck that will further eliminate the vulnerability caused by back lashes, though it has done so at the expense of mobility. Gram also has a flatter face completely void of a nose so he will never have a broken nose or damage sinus, and the overall face is filled with fats to absorb any impact. Ears are gone too as those will get in the way during an accident.

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Graham - The Only Person To Survive On Our Roads
Yup. Ears are gone too, probably to eliminate the risk of tearing them in an accident

Apart from the head, the torso also has some serious evolution too, sporting sure-to-gross-you-out ‘sacks’ that act as ‘airbags’ to increase Graham’s survivability during a head-on chest impact. And please do not ask us what are those tiny openings on them are for. We don’t know what they are and we certainly have no wish to know the details. The lower limbs are not spared from the mutations either, though their evolution appears to be less disturbing with knees that can bend in every directions and feet that resemble horses’ hoofs which, according to experts, enable Graham to quickly jump out of the way of incoming danger, such as a speeding vehicle. And oh, did we mention Gram also gets a super tough skin to resist cuts? Like Luke Cage.

Basically, Graham, in order to survive, has become one seriously hideous dude. And we are sorry to let you see something which you will never able to unsee. More videos detailing Graham can be found on TAC’s YouTube channel (but why? why???).

Graham - The Only Person To Survive On Our Roads
We thought the ribcage with ‘sacs’ are generally VERY disturbing…
Graham - The Only Person To Survive On Our Roads
And then there are the hoofed legs and knees that can bend in every directions
Graham - The Only Person To Survive On Our Roads
A full view of Graham which is not pleasant by any earthly standard
Graham - The Only Person To Survive On Our Roads
Another look for those who can’t get enough of Graham

Images: Transport Accident Commission.

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