If you jet set a lot, then you will understand the pain and hassle of checking in luggages. That is why many chose, if they can, to go with carry on. However, carry on does have its fair share of issues, most notably handling when outside of airport. Seriously, you are not going to tow in all the way, right? Well, if your answer is “no way!”, then The Arcido Carry-on Travel Bag could be the travel carry-on for you from here on. The Arcido Bag completely throw out the idea of a wheeled carry-on with telescopic handle. Instead, it opt to go with backpack/shoulder bag route while maintaining the carry-on size as stipulated by most airlines.

The Arcido Carry-on Travel Bag

This means that it is as voluminous as any carry-on, maybe even more voluminous. And it is loaded with features too, including D-loop for turning it into a messenger bag, a top handle and a side handle for different ways of handling it, comfortable EVA padded straps for backpack-style carrying, moulded EVA back plate, secure pocket to keep your valuables close to you, weatherproof zips, and premium quality cotton canvas treated with hydrophobic coating and PVC lamination to keep water out without the need for a rain cover. Those are just the outside.

The Arcido Carry-on Travel Bag

On the inside, it has a separate compartment with an adaptable, removable laptop compartment that fits any size laptop, a generously-sized clothing compartment and a waterproof pocket for the purpose built, airport compliant liquids bag so, in case there’s a spillage, it won’t mess up everything that’s within the bag. The Arcido Carry-on Travel Bag is unique as it comes standard with the said liquid bag, as well as a RFID secure document holder to complete both the look and functionality required by any traveler.

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Want one? Well, then all you have to do is to back Arcido’s campaign on Kickstarter, where a modest 90 English money (roughly around US$119) will secure yourself one for November 2016 delivery. And yes, the campaign has met its funding goal and so, the product is a go.

Images courtesy of Arcido.

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