Urikar Pro 2 Heated Massage Gun Review

That’s right. We have another massage gun review for you. When we first got the Urikar Pro 2 Heated Massage Gun, we are expecting the same as the Urikar Pro 3 which we reviewed previously. As it turns out, this is quite different. Not just because it has heat, but also how it pummels you and there are more options and options are good.

Urikar Pro 2 Heated Massage Gun Review

The Design

Like the Urikar Pro 3, the Urikar Pro 2 Heated Massage Gun has a rotating handle that rotates 180-degree around the axis to enable you to treat areas which are otherwise awkward to reach with a fixed handle.

It has two positions that should enable you to reach areas like the mid back with more ease. I wish it has more positions, but as noted in my review of the previous model, the two-position design may be inevitable design feature.

Given the power this device has, any other angle (of the handle) other than the two positions would result in the handle not inline with the axis of oscillation which may not produce good results.

The rotating handle has a locking button to prevent accidental twisting of the handle. It is a brilliant idea. But it is located just below the speed knob which resulted in me accidentally turning on the device more than a few times when rotating the handle.

Note to self: remember to turn off the main switch located at the bottom of the handle before twisting the handle.

Urikar Pro 2 Heated Massage Gun Review

However, unlike the Pro 3, the handle, while fairly large in diameter, is oval in shape and this makes handling easier. The oval cross-section plus the textured grip makes for a firm and assure holding. Plus point for that. The oval shape could be good for smaller hands too.

I noted that the speed dial has zero resistance and that is both good and bad. Good because, it makes adjustment easy. Bad because, accidentally speed change is a norm.

As before a thin ring of light circling the handle serves as the power and battery indicator. It is highly visible which serves as a reminder that the device is on or not.

In addition to constant oscillation, the Urikar Pro 2 Heated Massage Gun has three other modes: stairway, fluctuation, and the star feature: heated mode.

Stairway mode is described as advanced massage and percussion from low to high gear, while fluctuation switches between high and low rapidly.

They are essentially preset rhythmic massage as opposed to you manually tweaking the speed. They kind of reminds me of the different modes offered by massage chairs.

Urikar Pro 2 Heated Massage Gun Review

If I can be honest, I cannot quite tell the difference. It is worthy to note that with these two modes, speed change is not allowed. Makes sense. It is basically doing it (the speed change) for you.

There is no digital display this time round. However, you won’t be missing out on important parameters, including the speed which is displayed as scale with LEDs just above the speed knob.

Around the back, there is a button for switching modes as well as four LEDs to indicate the current mode.

To activate the heat mode, you have long press the mode button until the heated mode LED start blinking orange. Leave it for a few minutes and then the massage head will be heated to 40-ish degrees.

I measured it with a contact thermometer and it checks out at 42. So, I guess it is as claimed.

Oh, we forgot to mention an important thing about the heated mode; it can only work with one specific massage attachment. The heating head has electrical contacts that matched the contacts inside of the massage gun to enable heating function. More on the attachments in a bit.

The Package

Urikar Pro 2 Heated Massage Gun Review

Like the Urikar Pro, the massage gun is presented in a high-quality semi-hard case with nylon exterior and secured with a zipper. However, this is significantly larger as it now has eight attachments. An integrated carry handle allows for easy carry.

It has a fabric wrapped interior with cutouts for the device and eight attachments. There is a separate charger compartment, complete with a flap, so it won’t fall and perhaps, scratching up the other items. It is very nicely presented. Damn it. I am such a sucker for presentation.

The Build

Part of the review is to check out the build. As you may have already know. I am an OCD when it comes to build. I’d pick out any misalignment, rough workmanship if there is any. Find I did.

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While the overall build feels solid, the rotating part between the main body and the handle is kinda of loose. When I held it by the handle and gave it some twisting motion, I can hear and feel a little looseness.

The Function

Urikar Pro 2 Heated Massage Gun Review

The function is, as advertised. I can’t say I can find any that say it isn’t.

The device offers 6 levels of speed which makes going to the next level noticeable unlike the Urikar Pro 3 that has a whopping 30 levels.

Since we are at the topic of speeds, this something to note about the speed knob. The dial has no stopper; it can go round and round, in either direction.

This means that if you are on level 6, you can actually keep dialing clockwise (though the speed does not change), or in the case of turning off (anti clockwise), you can keep turning it.

This is something that I have observed, but it has no obvious bearing on the functioning of the device.

Urikar Pro 2 Heated Massage Gun Review
There is a pair of electrical contacts inside for the heated head.

The Attachments

As mentioned, the device comes with eight attachment as standard. It has everything the Urikar Pro 3 has, plus a heating head and triangular soft head. Here are what each attachment is for as per the official document:

Standard Ball Head: Uniform and soft strength suitable for whole body muscle massage and relaxation aka my kind of attachment.

Bullet or Cone Head: Suitable for tendon, acupoints et cetera for pinpoint muscle treatment

Flat Head: Suitable for relaxation and plasticity of various muscle parts of the body such as abdomen, chest, and legs

Air Plug Head: Suitable for massaging bones and sensitive areas. This attachment has a compressible head that is light on the muscle and hence, it is good for areas that requires, well, less pounding.

U-shaped Head: Designed to target shoulders, cervical vertebrae and bilateral muscles, including calves
Warning: never use it directly on cervical spine! It may results in serious injury

D-shaped Head: For back, waist as well as abdominal.

Heating Head: Promote the decomposition of lactic acid after exercise when heated. Suitable for whole body muscle massage and relaxation.

Triangular Soft Head: Suitable for shoulder massage and relaxation.

Urikar Pro 2 Heated Massage Gun Review
The heated head clearly showing the electrical contacts.

As before, I am not sure if I can feel the huge difference between these attachments – except for the obvious: the heating head and the super large triangular soft head. The latter two are now my favorites.

Constantly typing stiffens my shoulders and the triangular head seems to work for that.

The heating head achieve the effect of deep tissue massage (OK, may be not that deep), while offering heat. The flat head design ensure best heat transfer when it comes into contact with your body.

As for noise, it is noticeable noisier than the Urikar Pro 3, but not an annoyance when use during normal day with all the ambient noise going around. I can’t say the same in the dead of the night.

The Verdict

Well, my verdict is, pretty much positive. I mean, what else can I say except that it works exactly as advertised and like before, that is what it matters. Also, there’s really nothing to complain about this device.

It is well built and function as a massage gun should. Like I said before, I am no doctor or muscle specialist, so I really can’t say if it serves to relieve the muscle soreness or not.

The Disclaimer

Like so many devices out there, this device may cause injuries if not used probably. This review is solely our take on the device with no influence from manufacturer or whatsoever. We are not liable of injuries of any kind a person may suffer due to improper use or preexisting medical or muscle conditions.

The Urikar Pro 2 Heated Massage Gun may be good alternative for home deep tissue massage now that the pandemic is still on-going. It can be self applied or if you have a partner, he or she can help too.

A massage gun maybe marketed to sports person, but it can be used by any regular person, IMHO. If you are a person who like massages, then this may be what you need in view of the current situation.

If you like to pick up the Urikar Pro 2 Heated Massage Gun, you can find it on Amazon.com where it is being sold at US$149.99.

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