It is said that give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. Meanwhile, in the tech world, if you give a product to Xiaomi, it will turn up in the market smarter. That holds true even for a fish tank which Xiaomi’s Mijia will soon take to Xiaomi Youpin. Simply called Mijia Smart Fish Tank, it wants to be the intelligent caretaker of your pet fish. To be honest, not a lot is known about this upcoming smart aquarium.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Fish Tank

At this point, we understand that the Mijia Smart Fish Tank is outfitted with a self-developed, patented slim, anti-clog water pump and 5 pro-grade rear filter system, and a tank made of ultra-clear UHA-grade glass that, strangely, is marketed to have a 16:9 “golden ratio” for the ultimate immersive viewing. Hmmm, not going to lie, it is an interesting proposition.

And no, it is not a display. It is an actual fish tank that you can use to create an underwater waterscape, and rear some fish. Speaking of fish, this being a smart fish tank, it will work with the Mijia app and it has an automatic feeder which you can remotely control and I believe, allows for schedule feeding too. This being a smart fish tank, it will also play well with Xiaomi voice assistant, Xiaoai.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Fish Tank

The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Fish Tank will sell for 399 yuan (around US$57.20) when it hits the market. However, during the crowdfunding campaign, residents in China will be able to secure a unit for 349 yuan (about US$50).

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Fish Tank

Images: Xiaomi [CH].

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