If there’s one food that the world can agree on, it would be fries. Whether they are dish, or wedge shape or in strips, and however you call it, be it Patatje Oorlog, frites, chips or wedges, you can’t deny the lure of this salty potato sticks (or slices) are simply irresistible. While people may still argue about its origin, this golden crusted starchy food with soft innards have traveled far and wide, reaching many countries, which results in variation in shapes, sizes and how they are consumed. You may be familiar with cheese fries and may have read about McDonald’s Japan recent announcement of choc-covered French Fries, but do you know, how the rest of around the world eat fries? Well, this is the whole idea behind this post: uncovering how folks from countries like Germany, India, The Netherlands – just to name a few – munch their fries. Here’s the video…

The video is a little too fast for you? Not to worry, there’s an infographic, which you can find after the break, that summarizes what the impossibly quick video has to say. Check it out.

Warning: May result in growling stomach.

Infographic: How People Eat Fries Around The World

Source: Expedia

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