What If Rolls-Royce Made A Big Rig, Minivan, Or… A Batmobile?

Over here at Mikeshouts, we love to let our imaginations run wild and so, when a hat tip that pitched the idea of what if a luxury marque like Rolls-Royce made other type of class of vehicles outside of its comfort zone, we sit up with eyebrows raised and asked ourselves, yeah, what if? We […]

Classic 80s Movies Floor Plans In Pixel Art GIF Is Super Apt And Nostalgic

As far as movies go, the 80s ought to be the most memorable. I even go as far as to say that the 80s probably had the most iconic movies in the 20th century. In fact, the pop culture offered by these movies was so strong that it even spilled over to the millennium, with […]

Things Can Get Really Bizarre If Luxury Car Brands Made Camper Vans

SUV has been around for ages, but it is until recent years, luxury car brands began diving into the SUV segment. Looking at the trend, these luxury marques could be making MPV, AKA minivan, soon. Or maybe not. But one thing I am sure is, brands like Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, Maybach and the likes won’t be […]

Some Of The World’s Most Recognizable Cars Reimagined Into SUVs And We Are Torn About Them

SUV or Sports Utility Vehicle has been around for decades now, but it is only in recent years that we have seen a sudden surge in popularity in this segment. The popularity (read: business opportunity) has spurred traditional, non-believing automobile companies like Alfa Romeo and even luxury marque like Maserati to jump on to the […]

Unholy Car Mashups: Abomination Or Awesomeness, You Decide

Have you ever looked at a particular make and model of car and wonder, what if another marque were to make it? Like, would you have imagined Bugatti making a Volkswagen Beetle, lending the luxury sport car maker’s design touches to the people’s car, and what it would look like? Or what if Lamborghini makes […]

Someone Reimagined Vespa As Motorcycles And The Results Are Dope!

Vespa is a scooter and the company behind it, Piaggio, have been doing it for over seven decades. All’s good up till now, but have it ever occur to you, what if the Italian company dabbles in motorcycles making, you know, like say, a chopper, a sports bike, or even a dirt bike? At this […]

Image: Seven Vehicles To Survive The End Of The World

The talk about end of the world is behind us, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen and if it does happen, you will need more than a nuclear fallout bunker to survive. You will need a set of wheels because, like the homo sapiens who walked the Earth 200,000 years ago, you need to […]

Infographic: The Burger Lover’s Atlas (Warning: May Lead To Sudden Hunger)

Though burgers have been viewed as a western cuisine, it has since become a global phenomena enjoyed by many around the world. Like many food (such as burgers’ lovely companion French Fries), the history of burgers is rather vague and often invites debate. However, unlike technology progress, perhaps the topic of where it started with […]

Infographic: Cinematic History of The Shelby Mustang

When it comes to cars, movies are responsible in turning them into iconic status. The DeLorean was one good example. Fueled by the popularity of the Back to the Future films, the DeLorean DMC-12 shot to fame in 1985 and attained cult status. However, DeLorean wasn’t the only one. There were many cars in the […]

Infographic: How People Eat Fries Around The World

If there’s one food that the world can agree on, it would be fries. Whether they are dish, or wedge shape or in strips, and however you call it, be it Patatje Oorlog, frites, chips or wedges, you can’t deny the lure of this salty potato sticks (or slices) are simply irresistible. While people may […]