If Rolls-Royce Made Other Vehicles

Over here at Mikeshouts, we love to let our imaginations run wild and so, when a hat tip that pitched the idea of what if a luxury marque like Rolls-Royce made other type of class of vehicles outside of its comfort zone, we sit up with eyebrows raised and asked ourselves, yeah, what if? We are totally intrigued by the idea of what if Rolls-Royce were to produce a 4×4, a crossover, a minivan and even a Big Rig? Or what if Rolls-Royce coupe were made like a classic sport car?

Concept Rolls-Royce 4×4

Concept Rolls-Royce 4x4
It may be a concept, but we see a potential in this.

Why not take a few step further and ask what if the British marque actually made a hatchback fit as a London Cab, a pickup truck, or what if, just what if, Bruce Wayne decided that Rolls-Royce was a good fit for its next Batmobile? But really, the most exciting question was: what if the future of cars are without wheels? I know, Rolls-Royce had gave us a peek into what is to come in the next 100 years, but seriously, it was not the future we fantasied because, wheels. However, the folks over at Compare the Market and NeoMam Studios imagined otherwise.

They have imagined a Rolls-Royce Hover Car. A ride which I believe that the royalties and richie rich of the future would be rolling in, or should I say, hovering in… The referential element in this type of fantasy concept design always gets me and so, here we are, sharing these fantasy vehicles with the double RR marque with you – courtesy of Compare the Market.

Source: Compare the Market.