LG has been making home appliances far longer than it has been making mobile phones. As such, it has amassed a long catalog of home and kitchen appliances under its name that have pretty much every aspect of your life covered. That said, you would have thought the South Korean electronics giant would want coffee drinkers covered as part of, you know, the natural progression. Well, no. Oddly, LG decided that it wants to make beer drinkers happy instead.

LG HomeBrew Craft Beer Making Machine

Earlier this month, LG has announced a Capsule-based craft beer system called HomeBrew (think Nespresso machine) which it will be bringing to CES 2019. Being a capsule-based system, HomeBrew makes brewing beer at home as simple as dropping single-use capsules into the machine and hitting the start button. Here’s how it is going to play out:

“LG’s unique capsule-based system brings revolutionary simplicity to the art of brewing with one-touch activation. With a set of single-use capsules – which contain malt, yeast, hop oil and flavoring – and the press of a button, users can relax as LG HomeBrew automates the whole procedure from fermentation, carbonation and aging to serving and cleaning. A free companion app (for Android and iOS devices) lets users check HomeBrew’s status at any time, anywhere.”

The machine boasts optimized fermentation algorithm that “intelligently controls the fermenting process with precise temperature and pressure control” to guarantee brewing success every single time. Moreover, with the capsule system, it ensure no mess, while convenient self-cleaning feature automatically sanitizes critical components with hot water to ensure everything is hygienically cleaned, ready for the next batch.

LG HomeBrew Craft Beer Making Machine

While HomeBrew could be described as the Nespresso machine of craft beer, do not expect it to dispense a pint in mere minutes. It is an alcoholic beverage and therefore, it will take time, or about two weeks – give and take a few days depending on the beer type. Speaking of beer type, five distinctive, richly-flavored beers will be offered, including hoppy American IPA, golden American Pale Ale, full-bodied English Stout (yummy!), zesty Belgian-style Witbier and dry Czech Pilsner.

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After the two weeks or so wait, HomeBrew will yield roughly five liters (1.32 gallon) of beer, ready for your enjoyment. LG will be showing off the LG HomeBrew Craft Beer Making Machine at CES 2019 from January 08-11 at booth #11100 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Hmmm, I just wondering if visitors will be able to have a taste of HomeBrew’s product? It got to have beer tasting for guests, right? I mean, how else do sell a beer maker, right? Just saying…

All images courtesy of LG.

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