Toadi AI-powered Autonomous Lawn Mower

Since a lawn mower robot is a ‘robot’, it should be clever enough not to go where it should not go. Alas, it isn’t the case. Users will have ‘tell’ it where its ‘territory’ is by putting up perimeter cables. Not with the Toadi AI-powered Autonomous Lawn Mower, or lawn robot, as The Toadi Order refers it to.

Toadi AI-powered Autonomous Lawn Mower

Not only it does not require perimeter cable, it is totally autonomous – thanks to the onboard 4K camera and artificial intelligence. In fact, Toadi is more than just a lawn mower.

In addition to the promised of being a super capable setup and forget lawn mower that can handle an area as big as a football field and also tackles 45% gradient slopes, Toadi can also serve as you security watchman of your yard.

Toadi AI-powered Autonomous Lawn Mower

If Toadi detects any movement where she is (yes, its’a ‘she’) watching, she will send an alert to your phone, accompanied with a photo.

Oh, we forgot to mention that she does not require GPS either because, she has computer vision that sees like we humans do. Being able to see, she’s able to avoid obstacles and, you know, find her way around.

She also does border mowing too – but that will come later through a free update. And yes, it is connected and every night, Toadi will automatically check if there’s an update for her.

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As far as grass-cutting goes, it has a cutter made up of 4 titanium coated blades, powered by a motor that is said to be “extremely quiet” and easy to replace. Mowing height is, of course, adjustable. But that would require you roll up your sleeves and do it manually.

Looking over what Toadi has to offer, I have to say that Toadi AI-powered Autonomous Lawn Mower is easily one of the most ambitious lawn maintenance equipment we ever seen. If you are sold by the idea, you can pick up a unit as a pre-order on Kickstarter for a starting price of €2.171, or about a cool US$2,454.

Images: The Toadi Order.

Source: Yanko Design.