These days, everything thing has its ‘day’. Star Wars Day, National Video Game Day are a couple of examples. Speaking of ‘day’, do you know there’s Ultraman Day too? It was July 10 and to mark this day, Marvel gave us the first look at the Marvel-penned for North American market Ultraman comics.

Marvel Comics The Rise of Ultraman Comics

The series, simply called The Rise of Ultraman is written by Kyle Higgins of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Winter Soldier and Mat Groom with graphics by Francesco Manna, Michael Cho and Gurihiru – all whom are best known for Marvel popular comics.

Anywho, long story short, Marvel has offered fans the first look at the premiere issue which include exclusive preview pages, a variant cover gallery, and more. While we have yet to get a taste of the storyline (which is basically a retelling of the origin story set in Japan over 50 years ago), the pen work by the trio is gorgeous.

Marvel’s The Rise of Ultraman comics series was a materialization of a collaboration inked with Tsuburaya Productions in November 2019 and it is scheduled to hit the newsstands in September 9th, 2020. Head on to to take look at some super cool variant covers as well as sneak peek of the comics.

Images: Marvel.

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