Here’s The First Look At Marvel Comics’ Ultraman For North American Market

These days, everything thing has its ‘day’. Star Wars Day, National Video Game Day are a couple of examples. Speaking of ‘day’, do you know there’s Ultraman Day too? It was July 10 and to mark this day, Marvel gave us the first look at the Marvel-penned for North American market Ultraman comics.

Doraemon Manga Set Collector’s Edition Is Crafted To Last Till Year 2112

It was 1970 when the robotic cat from the distance future (year 2112), known as Doraemon, dropped into the life of children of the 60s and 70s. To celebrate its 50 years of Doraemon manga, Shogakukan’s Tentōmushi Comics is releasing a new set of “100 Years Doraemon” collector’s edition manga set.

Tesla Cybertruck As Comic Version Generation 1 Transformers Autobot?

There have been remote control Tesla Cybertruck, a proposed LEGO version Cybertruck, Cybertruck-inspired gaming laptop and luxury smartphone, an unofficial scale model – both 3D printed and paper version, a Cybertruck-inspired home and now, Cybertruck Autobot Transformers.

Choose Your Own Adventure Webcomic: Choose Your Own Adventure In Its Simplest Form

Remember when Choose Your Own Adventure books were a thing? With the modern entertainment options available to us, that genre seems to have faded into oblivion. We haven’t seen anyone making the attempt to revive this genre since Jurassic World Choose Your Own Adventure Book.

Gary Larson’s The Far Side Comic From The 80s/90s Finally Goes Online!

Yes. It has happened! The Far Side, the single-panel comic created by American cartoonist Gary Larson that once graced newspapers, finally has an official home online. True fans will understand the significant of this event.

Marvel’s Mashup Superheroes: It’s A Bizarre (Comics) World Out There

If you think Hulkverine is some weird shit, well, that’s not the last of the weird from Marvel Comics. But before you proceed into the warp superheroes mashup, be warned that this post contains spoilers for Marvel’s Infinity Wars #3 comics series. In fact, anyone who is super anal about spoilers and have not read […]

There’s Hulkverine Now And No, Hulk And Wolvie Did Not Have A Child

Marvel universe has expanded beyond our wildest imagination even before Marvel Cinematic Universe started seeing success as blockbuster live action movies. But this thing here is way beyond my wildest imagination: a Hulk cross Wolverine. Yes. You freaking read that right. Hulkverine is a thing! Holy mother of…. What kind of abomination is this? Whatever […]

Akira 35th Anniversary Box Set: Complete Series In Six Vols. Hardcover To Boot.

Now that Masamune Shirow’s iconic Ghost In The Shell has made it to Hollywood, we suspect there’s going to be a host of anime/manga-turned-live action movie coming our way. Already, we have heard Akira is being given a serious thought after years of ons and offs (GITS is likely the catalyst for the ‘sudden’ progress […]

If You Love Art, You Will Dig The Limited Edition Judge Dredd Letterpress Set

Rebellion’s Judge Dredd is not a particularly huge pop culture thing even though the comic/magazine dates back to as far as 1970s. It does have its followings, just not as huge as those characters dished out by Marvel and DC, probably because of its setting in dystopian future city known as 2000 AD. Seriously, not […]

Colonel Sanderses Battle Anti-Colonel In New KFC Superhero Comic

You have tasted the fried chicken made from secret recipe and recognized the iconic Colonel Sanders. Now, you can read Colonel Sanders’ adventure in ink and mind you, this isn’t just some cheap cartoon literature aimed to hypnotize kids to mindlessly love the Finger Lickin’ Good chicken fried; this is a real deal superhero story […]