These are too good. It would be criminal not to share it with you guys. Even though this post will be a crime to SEO because the lack of words (i.e. thin content). But what the hell… here goes…

Redesigned Godzilla by Matt Frank

November 3rd was the birthday of the world’s most famous kaiju, Godzilla. On that day, comic book artist and illustrator for Godzilla, Gamera, Transformers and more, Matt Frank (@spankzilla85) and fellow artist Sophie Campbell (@mooncalfe1) challenged each other to redesign the legendary radioactive creature. And the following are their works.

As much as I love the classic Gojira, I am also digging what both Matt and Sophie had came out with. I also love the idea of atomic sludge and the ability to fly, as well as the venting part required for the atomic breath. Lovely. Go ahead and scrutinize both lovely work of art.

Redesigned Godzilla by Sophie Campbell

Images: Twitter (@spankzilla85/@mooncalfe1).

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