There have been remote control Tesla Cybertruck, a proposed LEGO version Cybertruck, Cybertruck-inspired gaming laptop and luxury smartphone, an unofficial scale model – both 3D printed and paper version, a Cybertruck-inspired home and now, Cybertruck Autobot Transformers.

Tesla Cybertruck as a Transformers Autobot

Commissioned by Transformers super fan, Youseph Tanha aka Yoshi, and penned by comic artist Casey Coller, is the G1 Transformers Shatter. Shatter is, of course, a play on the botched demo during the unveiling last year where the supposedly bulletproof windows shattered when steel ball was thrown at it.

The G1 Shatter is an original character belonging to the Autobot faction and a Tesla Cybertruck in its vehicle form. You know what? If there’s one vehicle that truly look transformable, it would be the Cybertruck. Why? Because, angular lines. Duh. If you are interested, you can read the full story over at Teslarati.

Images: Casey Coller.

Source: Teslarati.

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