Here’s one bathroom basin for all the petrol heads out there. It is an automobile transmission case repurposed into a wash basin. Seriously, who would have thought an automotive transmission case could be turned into a basin?

The Automobile Transmission Case Basin may not look cool to everyone obviously, but I am 100 percent certain that it is to any automobile enthusiast. However, as novel and cool, this transmission case basin may not necessary be practical.

Automobile Transmission Case Basin

Cast iron is simply too porous for use as a basin. Overly porous means it will stain easily and also provides a haven for for bacteria. Unless it treated to some coating which I not sure if this creative company did.

Moreover, the many edges can be quite sharp and could cause unnecessary injuries. What are the odds that a person get cut while washing his/her face over a basin? Never, but with this, it is hard to say. It literally looks quite rough on the edges.

If you are so inclined, you can actually the so-called Automobile Transmission Case Basin from China online marketplace, The price excluding shipping is 2,600 yuan which works to be around US$366 or thereabout.

Automobile Transmission Case Basin

Images: Taobao (Guangzhou Langdong Auto Parts Mall).

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