If you are a fan of Pokémon, you would be familiar with Pokéball-like Voltorb. This erratic and often temperamental Pokémon feeds on electricity which it also uses as its defensive/offensive weapon. That said, if Voltorb exists in the real world, it is only right that it makes itself useful by, you know, wirelessly charging phones.

Clay Pokémon Voltorb Wireless Charger

Though we have no idea how much electricity Voltorb actually discharges and if the amperage is enough (or too much) to charge a phone, this Voltorb you see here will certainly do the job. Well, at least, it will for iPhones with MagSafe wireless charging feature i.e. iPhone 12 or newer.

What you see here is a Voltorb expertly handcrafted from clay. It has an Apple MagSafe charger embedded on the top, thus allowing it to recharge MagSafe-enabled iPhones.

Clay Pokémon Voltorb Wireless Charger

Created by a Japanese clay artist Nendo Yorishin who specializes in recreating all-thing relating to Pokémon with clay, the Clay Pokémon, Voltorb Wireless Charger is the latest creation by this talented artist.

Nendo Yorishin who is also known on Youtube as Clay Yoshirin Pokémon Clay Art and on Twitter by the handle of ねんどよしりん pokémon clay art (clay yoshirin) (@plasmaclusterha) have created many clay Pokémon creatures that are functional.

Clay Pokémon Voltorb Wireless Charger

What makes the artist’s creations so clever and fun is, the function is often in accordance with the Pokémon’s type and ability. For example, Pichu is like Voltorb can wireless charge smartphones too while Shellder throws out Aurora Beam but instead of a damage-dealing ice-type move, it creates a light show for mini parties and Exeggutor is a planter. Clever!

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You can hit up Yoshirin’s YouTube channel as well as on Twitter to see more of this talented artist’s works.

Clay Pokémon Voltorb Wireless Charger

Images: Twitter (@plasmaclusterha)/YouTube (Clay Yoshirin Pokémon Clay Art).

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