Microscope for kids is not new. Toys R’ Us and coupons in comic books have been peddling them since like, forever. But this microscope, called BeaverLAB Pro, is a serious microscope for the young, and heck, it could be professional-grade too.

BeaverLAB Pro Microscope

Billed as a “professional intelligent microscope”, BeaverLAB Pro is unlike a traditional microscope; it does not require you to stick your eyes into a pair of tubes nor does it restrict you to the lab.

It is portable too. BeaverLAB Pro basically blurs the line between a camera and scientific equipment. A single barrel with circuitry and lens affords it up to 800x “ultra-definition” magnification (!) while WiFi connectivity allows whatever that’s been magnified to be viewed comfortably via any screen, including a flat-screen TV, a smartphone, a laptop, or a tablet.

BeaverLAB Pro Microscope

Everything you see on an external screen is in real-time and in HD. When connects to a mobile phone, you can quickly capture still, video, and notepad, and share it right there and then. Simple and clearly marked physical buttons on the monocular tube let you adjust the brightness and size of the image.

The proper package includes a base that lets it use as a regular microphone (less the face-in-the-tubes). The base further boasts a seven-color intelligent dyeing light that can be adjusted to observe transparent objects without the need for iodine staining.

BeaverLAB Pro Microscope

Meanwhile, the specimen holder adopts a magnetic design which allows it to be installed and disassembled quickly and very easily.

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BeaverLAB has taken to Kickstarter to sell BeaverLAB Pro at a super cheap price of US$69 but that’s without the said base. The price including the base would be about US$109. There is also a Family Package (about US$129) that includes a bunch of accessories including Petri dishes and more.

BeaverLAB Pro Microscope
Can your microscope do this?

If anyone’s interested, you may learn more about the BeaverLAB Pro Microscope over at its Kickstarter campaign page. The campaign has met its modest funding goal and so, a pledge for a product is a pre-order. But this being a Kickstarter campaign, it does have its risk. So, we suggest potential backers do their own due diligence.

BeaverLAB Pro Microscope

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Images: Kickstarter (BeaverLAB).

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