DODOcase Nexus 7 Case

DODOcase Nexus7 Solid Fami
Google Nexus 7’s form factor makes it a handy multipurpose ebook reader and so, wouldn’t it be more awesome if it actually look like a book? that is exactly what DODOcase Nexus 7 Case will do for your beloved Nexus 7. available in Classic and Solid versions, these cases offer protection to your 7-inch tablet while infusing them with the fine craftsmanship of traditional bookbinding, thus resulting a unique look. needless to say, when it looks like a book, it will be less likely to be a target of the criminal minds. both models features eco-friendly bamboo tray to hold your tablet within the book-like hardcover and are totally handmade in DODOcase’s San Francisco bookbindery. the Classic version’s exterior is wrapped in black Moroccan cloth with a choice of three interior colors including red, sky blue and charcoal. the Solid version has an exterior covered in a choice of colors and a neutral interior liner for the added sophistication. other features common to both versions include perch and type modes that props up the tablet for ease of reading, typing or watching videos, a beautiful bamboo-made tray with access to all buttons and ports, and smart cover functionality where a magnet embedded in the cover activates the tablet’s sleep/wake function. both cases are available now with price tag of $59.95 for the Classic model, while the Solid version will set you back at $69.96 a pop.

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