Aquabotix AquaLens Underwater Viewing System

Aquabotix AquaLens Underwater Viewing System
watched one too many man-eating, sea monster flicks that leaves you too afraid to take the plunge into the water to check out what’s troubling your watercraft’s propeller? with the Aquabotix AquaLens Underwater Viewing System, you can execute the task while keeping yourself dry. so what the heck is an AquaLens? the AquaLens is a complete underwater viewing system that includes a color video camera, LED lighting, pole attacher, LCD monitor, wristband for wearing the monitor, 15 feet of cable (with options for longer cable), and a standard boat hook connector. in short, it is one gadget that let you snoop underwater without having to take the dip. once rigged up, you are all set to plunge this baby into the water and peep what’s below the surface and view it from the 3.5-inch LCD monitor at the comfort of the deck. the camera offers a decent 640 by 480 resolution and whole system runs off eight AA batteries (not included) for up to 10 hours of runtime. option is also available for rechargeable batteries, charger as well as DC adapter. whether you are curious what’s going under the water around your boat or need to snoop out potential issues under the boat, the AquaLens is fit for the job. the Aquabotix AquaLens Underwater Viewing System is up for grab for $475 a set. see the AquaLens in action in the video below.

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