Now You Can Buy a Ready-to-Assemble Cardboard VR Headset from DODOcase

i am sure you folks remember the cardboard-based VR headset introduced by Google. if you were like me who can’t get down to source for the materials or lack of the technical hands to craft one, or both, then you might want to check out the Virtual Reality Cardboard Toolkit by DODOcase. you may wonder, […]

Apple Watch Is Yet To Be Available, But You Can Order The Charging Stand from DODOcase Already

with availability set in early 2015, getting accessories now for the Apple Watch seems a little too early, but in case you beg to differ, here’s one from DODOcase to get you started with what soon to spiral into a rapid of accessory purchasing. simply dubbed as DODOCase Apple Watch Charging Stand, this rich California […]

DODOcase x Ball and Buck Camo iPad Case

want an iPad case that will make your iPad feel right at home in the urban jungle as well as the great outdoor? then don’t let the DODOcase x Ball and Buck Camo iPad Case slip past you. the purveyor of all-things made in the USA, Ball and Buck has come together with San Francisco-based DODOcase to offer you a unique iPad case featuring signature Ball and Buck 6oz Camo exterior

DODOnotes for iPhone 5 by DODOcase

strictly speaking, the DODOnotes for iPhone 5 by DODOcase isn’t really a case per say. it is sort of a case that combines the best of both digital (i.e. your iPhone) and analog world (i.e. the good old writing paper). what you have here is a notebook with a die-cut tray for your iPhone 5 on its bookcloth fabric-made cover. a colorful elastic

DODOcase Nexus 7 Case

Google Nexus 7’s form factor makes it a handy multipurpose ebook reader and so, wouldn’t it be more awesome if it actually look like a book? that is exactly what DODOcase Nexus 7 Case will do for your beloved Nexus 7. available in Classic and Solid versions, these cases offer protection to your 7-inch tablet while infusing them with the fine craftsmanship…

iPad mini cases by DODOcase

while tablet makers are in the race take the biggest piece of the tablet cake, accessories makers are doing the exact same thing: vying for your hard earned cash for the newly announced gadgets and in this case, we are talking about the new iPad mini. DODOcase, one of the pioneer in hand bound iPad cases, has announced three new iPad mini accessories: the DODOcase…

Durables iPhone 5 Wallet by DODOcase

by now, some of you might have already laid hands on the exciting new iPhone 5 which also signals that it is time to shop for accessories. there are probably two things iPhone users want most: protective case and screen protector. well, DODOcase, the maker of wonderful iPad cases that reminiscent…

DODOcase for Kindle Fire with a special launch price

Kindle is synonymous with eBook reader and it is the electronic book of our time, especially when it comes from the world’s largest online book retailer, Amazon. so it makes perfect sense to give this 21st century book a cover (or case) that makes it look like a real book (even though it now does more than just letting you read…