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Now You Can Buy a Ready-to-Assemble Cardboard VR Headset from DODOcase

i am sure you folks remember the cardboard-based VR headset introduced by Google. if you were like me who can’t get down to source for the materials or lack of the technical hands to craft one, or both, then you might want to check out the Virtual Reality Cardboard Toolkit by DODOcase. you may wonder, ‘why bother buying a kit when you can make one?’ well, in reality, those materials that were supposedly easily available like the lenses, magnetic ring and such, turns out to be not so accessible, at least, not without making multiple trips to your local hardware stores. so, if you really want one cheap alternative to pricier items like the LG x Vortex VR VRTX I or Samsung Gear VR, this might be it. the brilliant thing about this kit is obvious: it has everything you need to put together the cardboard VR headset, including an awesome pre-cut cardboard, bi-convex lenses, magnet, as well as velcro, saving you the hassle of sourcing for the materials. Continue reading Now You Can Buy a Ready-to-Assemble Cardboard VR Headset from DODOcase

Apple Watch Is Yet To Be Available, But You Can Order The Charging Stand from DODOcase Already

with availability set in early 2015, getting accessories now for the Apple Watch seems a little too early, but in case you beg to differ, here’s one from DODOcase to get you started with what soon to spiral into a rapid of accessory purchasing. simply dubbed as DODOCase Apple Watch Charging Stand, this rich California Orchard Walnut stand provides the Apple Watch with a resting place while charging it up. key features include a carved relief for wire routing (cable not included), a magnetic induction charger surrounded by American-tanned leather and suction cup adhesive on the bottom for firm holding, while providing easy lift-off without nasty residue. Continue reading Apple Watch Is Yet To Be Available, But You Can Order The Charging Stand from DODOcase Already

DODOcase x Ball and Buck Camo iPad Case

want an iPad case that will make your iPad feel right at home in the urban jungle as well as the great outdoor? then don’t let the DODOcase x Ball and Buck Camo iPad Case slip past you. the purveyor of all-things made in the USA, Ball and Buck has come together with San Francisco-based DODOcase to offer you a unique iPad case featuring signature Ball and Buck 6oz Camo exterior, a leather wrapped spine for a touch of elegance, embossed foil roger in antique gold (we love this subtle touch), a beautiful solid bamboo tray that offers access to all ports and buttons, and top off with a blaze orange lining. only 176 of these fine examples will be offered and the awesome aesthetic is only match by the unrivaled handmade quality of DODOcase. we can safely say that, as personally, i have had three iPad cases for the various generation of iPads and could swear by DODOcase unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail. Continue reading DODOcase x Ball and Buck Camo iPad Case

DODOnotes for iPhone 5 by DODOcase

strictly speaking, the DODOnotes for iPhone 5 by DODOcase isn’t really a case per say. it is sort of a case that combines the best of both digital (i.e. your iPhone) and analog world (i.e. the good old writing paper). what you have here is a notebook with a die-cut tray for your iPhone 5 on its bookcloth fabric-made cover. a colorful elastic strap is used to hold the phone in place on the notebook, and on the inside, there is a 30-page tear-out sheets crafted from Mohawk Superfine paper. the only thing missing here is a pen holder. so i would say it is almost perfect. personally, i’d bring along a pen and a Moleskine notebook for those times where i want to jot down ideas or doodle something without having turn on my phone and this could be the perfect combination. additionally, if the die-cut slot isn’t used for your iPhone, it could be use to store other loose stuff such as business cards, cash and the likes. available in red, blue and classic black, the DODOnotes is also available for iPhone 4/4S. you can your DODONOTES for iPhone 5 by DODOcase for just $13.95 each. take a few more look in the mini gallery below. Continue reading DODOnotes for iPhone 5 by DODOcase

DODOcase Nexus 7 Case

DODOcase Nexus7 Solid Fami
Google Nexus 7’s form factor makes it a handy multipurpose ebook reader and so, wouldn’t it be more awesome if it actually look like a book? that is exactly what DODOcase Nexus 7 Case will do for your beloved Nexus 7. available in Classic and Solid versions, these cases offer protection to your 7-inch tablet while infusing them with the fine craftsmanship of traditional bookbinding, thus resulting a unique look. needless to say, when it looks like a book, it will be less likely to be a target of the criminal minds. both models features eco-friendly bamboo tray to hold your tablet within the book-like hardcover Continue reading DODOcase Nexus 7 Case

iPad mini cases by DODOcase

DODOcase for iPad mini
Accessories for Apple iPad mini by DODOcase | from US$19.95 | www.dodocase.com

while tablet makers are in the race take the biggest piece of the tablet cake, accessories makers are doing the exact same thing: vying for your hard earned cash for the newly announced gadgets and in this case, we are talking about the new iPad mini. DODOcase, one of the pioneer in hand bound iPad cases, has announced three new iPad mini accessories: the DODOcase, HARDcover, as well as BOOKback for iPad mini. in fact, these accessories need little introduction as they are pretty much the same as the iPad’s items but scaled down to fit your would be iPad mini. Continue reading iPad mini cases by DODOcase

Durables iPhone 5 Wallet by DODOcase

Durables iPhone 5 Wallet by DODOcase
Durables iPhone 5 Wallet by DODOcase | US$49.95 | www.dodocase.com

by now, some of you might have already laid hands on the exciting new iPhone 5 which also signals that it is time to shop for accessories. there are probably two things iPhone users want most: protective case and screen protector. well, DODOcase, the maker of wonderful iPad cases that reminiscent of past era books, has something for you and your iPhone 5. coming out of its Durables Collection is this Durables iPhone 5 Wallet, a stylish iPhone wallet that features a sage waxed duck canvas exterior, protective linen-lined inner (in bright orange!) for your phone to nest in Continue reading Durables iPhone 5 Wallet by DODOcase

DODOcase for the new iPad

DODOcase for the new iPad
(photos: DODOcase) DODOcase Essentials and Spring/Summer 2012 | from US$69.95 | www.dodocase.com

the hunt for the perfect case for the soon-to-arrive new iPad is now on and DODOcase is quick to be among the first to hit you with some colorful options. the collections, dubbed as the DODOcase Essentials and DODOcase Spring/Summer, embodies the same features and craftsmanship you expect from the original DODOcase but presented in new fabric exterior and new bold seasonal hues. additionally, DODOcase now offers the option to add a camera hold on these new iPad cases so that you can take full advantage of the new iPad’s improved camera. Continue reading DODOcase for the new iPad

DODOcase for Kindle Fire with a special launch price

DODOcase for Kindle Fire
DODOcase for Kindle Fire | US$49.95 | www.dodocase.com

Kindle is synonymous with eBook reader and it is the electronic book of our time, especially when it comes from the world’s largest online book retailer, Amazon. so it makes perfect sense to give this 21st century book a cover (or case) that makes it look like a real book (even though it now does more than just letting you read eBooks) and for that, you have the DODOcase for Kindle Fire. like the original DODOcase for iPad, the cover is crafted from black Moroccan cloth using traditional bookbinding techniques and it readily folds back, letting it to be used as a stand for ease of typing or watching videos. an one-piece tray crafted from Bamboo, a sustainable material, keeps your Kindle Fire in place within this classy cover and an elastic strap keeps the cover closed like the traditional hardbound book. Continue reading DODOcase for Kindle Fire with a special launch price

DODOcase x MoonBot Morris Lessmore DODOcase

Morris Lessmore DODOcase 900x515px
(image: DODOcase) Morris Lessmore DODOcase for iPad 2 | US$64.95 | www.dodocase.com

the single invention of book resulted into millions of contents that has kept us informed and learned, and to a certain extend, DODOcase is akin to a book, having turned out so many variations since its inception a couple of years ago. their latest case is a collaboration with MoonBot that drew inspiration from The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore. one thing we should assure you is that this case will not fly away like Morris’ tale but instead, like all DODOcase, it protects your precious one from harms way and looking stylish in red faux leather with Morris Lessmore’s signature hat and cane mark on its cover, and his “M” on the spine. on the inside, the interior is covered a cream colored linen, and of course, the trademark bamboo frame with the necessary cutouts to hold your iPad 2. Continue reading DODOcase x MoonBot Morris Lessmore DODOcase