with availability set in early 2015, getting accessories now for the Apple Watch seems a little too early, but in case you beg to differ, here’s one from DODOcase to get you started with what soon to spiral into a rapid of accessory purchasing. simply dubbed as DODOCase Apple Watch Charging Stand, this rich California Orchard Walnut stand provides the Apple Watch with a resting place while charging it up. key features include a carved relief for wire routing (cable not included), a magnetic induction charger surrounded by American-tanned leather and suction cup adhesive on the bottom for firm holding, while providing easy lift-off without nasty residue.

DODOCase Apple Watch Charging Stand

as with most DODOcase products, the DODOCase Apple Watch Charging Stand is offered with leather monogram option. additionally, the first 100 purchased will be numbered. the stand will be handcrafted in San Francisco and finished in natural linseed oil for added protection and aesthetic. so much for this yet-to-be-materialized Apple Watch accessory? well, expect to shell out between 60 and 80 bucks for one, and it is open for pre-order where you will need to drop a $5 deposit. as for shipping date, it will coincide with Apple Watch launch, which is still a mystery at this point.

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