Like it or not, face mask is going to be norm and if you are going to be wearing one, why not do it with a fashion sense. And fashion sense is exactly what the DODOcase Designer Cloth Face Mask has.

DODOcase Designer Cloth Face Mask

It features elastic band with spring-loaded locks that makes securing the mask behind your head or ears a breeze.

As far as the barrier goes, it has got a moisture wicking, anti-microbial poly/spandex blend outer layer and a 100 percent pre-shrunk organic cotton inner layer.

Obviously, the DODOcase Designer Cloth Face Mask is NOT a medical-grade mask and so, it is no substitute for frontline workers. But you, however, can pick up one and free up the medical-grade masks for healthcare workers to use.

Moreover, for each mask sold, DODOcase will donate a mask to the medical facilities and charitable organizations. All told, there are seven patterns to choose from.

If you are interested, you may want to pick up the DODOcase Designer Cloth Face Mask from for $19.95 a pop.

Images: DODOcase.

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